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Weekly world news quiz


It's the World News 7 days 7 questions weekly quiz - a chance to find out how much global news from the past week you've read, heard and watched... and how much has stayed lodged in the old grey matter.

The earth

1.) Multiple Choice Question

Which member of France's squad was first to apologise to the nation for a disastrous World Cup?

French newspapers
  1. Florent Malouda, who left South Africa on his own
  2. Raymond Domenech, the coach, who sent home striker Nicolas Anelka
  3. Nicolas Anelka, who insulted Domenech

2.) Multiple Choice Question

Which country has overtaken Colombia as the main producer of coca leaf, the raw material for making cocaine?

coca leaves
  1. Mexico
  2. Peru
  3. Burma

3.) Multiple Choice Question

Japanese bosses at the country's top firms have been revealing their salaries after a new law requiring disclosure came into effect. What did the public learn?

Japanese businessman
  1. Japan has hundreds of millionaire execs
  2. There is a tacitly agreed cap on executive pay
  3. Most top earners are foreigners

4.) Multiple Choice Question

Why are law makers in California considering switching to digital car number plates?

number plate
  1. They are easier to read
  2. They make stolen cars harder to sell
  3. They can carry advertising

5.) Multiple Choice Question

Australia got its first woman PM as Julia Gillard replaced Kevin Rudd this week. Which political figure from Ms Gillard's country of birth has she listed as a hero?

Julia Gillard
  1. Nye Bevin, Wales
  2. Michael Collins, Ireland
  3. Bonnie Prince Charlie, Scotland

6.) Multiple Choice Question

England are through to the final 16 at the World Cup... only to face old rival Germany on Sunday. In the 27 matches between the two, which team statistically has the edge?

Jermain Dafoe
  1. England
  2. Germany
  3. Roughly 50/50

7.) Missing Word Question

Dolphins prefer * fish

  1. High-energy
  2. Blubbery
  3. Shiny


  1. It was Malouda. "We're really sorry for the French population and the French fans. That's not what we want to show," Malouda said as he headed home. "The image we have shown to the world, the way they see France right now is a disaster. As players, we are the first responsible for that."
  2. It's Peru. In a report released this week, the UN said Peru now produces more coca leaf by weight, although Colombia still has the largest area of coca leaf production. There was little change in the scale of cultivation in Bolivia, the third biggest producer, which accounts for 15% of world production.
  3. It's the foreigners. The list of millionaire bosses is surprisingly short and many of them it turns out are foreigners - like Nissan Motor Co. Chief Executive Carlos Ghosn.
  4. They could carry advertising. This is a bid to raise revenue for the cash-strapped state. The idea is that adverts would appear on electronic number plates when cars were stopped at traffic lights or in congestion. Advertisers would buy space from the state's Department of Motor Vehicles.
  5. It's Nye Bevin. Born in the Welsh town of Barry in 1961, Ms Gillard migrated to Australia with her parents when she was four.
  6. It's roughly 50/50. England have won 12, Germany have won 10 - 12 with the two matches won on penalties - and there have been three draws.
  7. It's "High-energy". Scientists have found that dolphins, far from being opportunistic feeders, select fish with more than 5kJ per gram of energy.

Your Score

0 - 1 : Elephant fish

2 - 4 : Flying fish

5 - 7 : Angel fish

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