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Garrido 'has forensic awareness'

Criminal psychologist Dr David Holmes has examined the telephone interview given by alleged kidnapper Phillip Garrido from prison to the KCRA-TV station in California.

Jaycee's alleged kidnapper Phillip Garrido: "I'm in a very serious situation"

I think he has got a lot more forensic awareness then perhaps we are assuming.

He's being portrayed as a highly religious, fragmented individual but he is very, very coherent.

He is very guarded against anyone who is trying to get factual information out of him, such as when the interviewer was trying to get him to reveal things.

He is really aware that anything he says now would be out there in public, and that would be something his lawyers would have to get around.

He hints that in the documents he keeps referring to is some form of religious revelation, some sort of religious forgiveness for him.

It is probably the births of the children, which he may suggest in some way have completely reformed him.

I think he is going to focus on this element, that his former self was guilty of heinous, unforgivable crimes but that he is now a reformed character.

I get the impression he will set his own mystified and constructed version of reality, in which he is some kind of God-chosen character.

He may refer to some kind of battle with heinous crimes, from which he comes back victorious and has seen the light through their horror.

Personality disorders

He's using religion as a reason why he should be immune from prosecution, because God has forgiven him.

Whenever the interviewer tries to undermine his view and tie his actions to his business, Mr Garrido becomes very forceful and starts to lay down the law as to what the person should think.

A lot of people with personality disorders defend themselves in this way and don't allow other views to be in their social proximity, which is probably what he's done in his household. It's a form of brainwashing.

There are only physical factors that are similar to the Josef Fritzl case in Austria. The control and sexual object elements are there, but there was less delusion in Fritzl's case.

Because of that case, and now this one, there's a chance we may begin to uncover more of these types of situation, as the level of checking into people's activities intensifies.

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