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Weekly world news quiz

It's the end of another week... Just how much do you remember about the headlines from the past seven days?

Test your knowledge of world news events in our quiz.

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Question 1
Which Italian is demanding an apology - and from whom?
A: Silvio Berlusconi, from his wife
B: Veronica Lario, from husband Mr Berlusconi
C: An 18-year-old aquaintance of the PM's, from Mrs Berlusconi
Question 2
Newly banned from Britain is someone Jacqui Smith accuses of expressing extreme views "in such a way that it is actually likely to cause inter-community tension or even violence". Who is it?
A: Pastor Fred Phelps, who pickets funerals of Aids victims
B: Ex-Ku Klux Klan Grand Wizard Stephen "Don" Black
C: US radio talkback host Michael Savage
Question 3
Chinese officials were forced to backtrack on an order urging people to do more of what?
A: Smoking
B: Eating
C: Drinking
Question 4
New research suggests that painter Vincent van Gogh did not cut off his own ear, but lost it another way. How?
A: As a result of a botched operation
B: In a fight
C: In an accident
Question 5
Why were married couple Frieda Rosemarie Thalheim and Hans-Peter Kunz-Hallstein disappointed in court this week?
A: Because of a ruling stipulating Hans-Peter could not take his wife's surname
B: Because of a ruling banning them from taking a triple-barrelled surname
C: Because of a ruling that any children would have to take the shortest surname, Thalheim
Question 6
A British man has been appointed the new caretaker of an Australian tropical island, a six-month position described as "the best job in the world". What did he say he hoped would be "up to standard"?
A: His "Gidday-ing"
B: His swimming
C: His B-B-Q skills
Question 7
Troops from the Irish UN battalion in Chad have been banned from playing football. Why?
A: They were being beaten too many times by local players, which wasn't good for morale
B: The hard ground was deemed a health risk
C: Playing in the extreme heat was sparking too many cases of dehydration

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