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Weekly world news quiz

It's the end of another week... Just how much do you remember about the headlines from the past seven days?

Test your knowledge of world news events in our quiz.

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Question 1
"Make a $5 contribution today, and you could be on your way to one of these once-in-a-lifetime opportunities!" What was Hillary Clinton offering in exchange for help paying off her campaign debt?
A: Lunch with Chelsea
B: A day with Bill
C: A barbecue with the whole family
Question 2
New Zealand is asking its citizens what to call the country's two main islands, following the discovery that the 200-year-old names North Island and South Island are not legally registered. According to Maori myth, what is the South Island?
A: A fish
B: A canoe
C: A tree of life
Question 3
What has had 4,000km added to it as a result of new research?
A: The Great Wall of China
B: The Nile
C: The circumference of the moon
Question 4
Diplomats walked out of a UN anti-racism conference during a speech by Iran's president in which he condemned Israel. What did a protester throw at the Iranian president just before the walkout?
A: A clown's red nose
B: A shoe
C: A glass of water
Question 5
A book given as a gift to President Obama became a best-seller in just two days as a result. What was the subject of the book?
A: Dog training
B: Imperialism
C: Basketball
Question 6
A Somali teenager captured by the US during the rescue of an American sea captain from pirates has appeared in a federal court in New York. Why did the judge have to halt the proceedings?
A: To try to determine the pirate's age
B: Because the pirate couldn't stop crying
C: Because of a point of maritime law no one understood
Question 7
Miss California said she lost out in the Miss USA beauty pageant because she didn't believe in:
A: World peace
B: Gay marriage
C: Climate change

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