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US election: International reactions

BBC News website readers from all over the world have been sending their reaction to the election of Barack Obama as the president of the United States.

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Ndirangu Mwangi

I am in Nairobi and I can tell you the excitement is palpable.

There was a huge television screen in the city and the crowds were so big. An Obama victory was expected but the margin was unknown.

I watched it all on television at home and I am very proud of Obama.

There is a huge party in Kisumu city where Obama's father was born and Obama is expected to visit soon as the US president elect.

Our president has declared a national holiday.


Well, it is a a really historical result for the US democracy.

However, I as an Afghan, feel a concerned about the future of Afghanistan because Obama had announced that he would oust the US troops from Afghanistan and end the US war with Al-Qaeda.

The question is what will happen to Afghanistan and the Taliban. The US nation had promised to support the Afghanistan nation to win the war against terrorisim and Taliban. And now?


Noor Muhammadi

Senator Obama's election as president of the United States of America is a new and refreshing turn in the history of democracy.

It promises hope and courage for the lovers of democracy throughout the world, including Pakistan.

Not only is Senator Obama a symbol of the rise of the 'slave race', his victory is also a blow for those who consider race, lineage and colour of leaders, instead of valuing the humanitarian ideas they represent.

There is a lesson in Obama's victory for the intelligentsia and public of Pakistan and other countries struggling to establish the 'rule of people'.

Real change takes time. It took the Americans 43 presidential elections before realizing and expressing the true potential of democracy. It will take us much lesser time, if we realize today.

I hope that the US under Obama and Biden is different from the US under Bush and Cheney. If it's not, nothing will have changed.


As a Palestinian, the election of Obama will not bring any change for me.

Obama has not uttered a word about the starved Palestinians in Gaza. In contrast, he has praised Israel.

He has not mentioned ending the Israeli occupation of the Palestinian territories including East Jerusalem. Instead he has even commented that Jerusalem will be the "undivided capital" of Israel.

Shame on the president who, instead of supporting liberation movements and human rights, flatters the Israeli lobby.

The overwhelming election of Obama as president once again demonstrates the ability of the American people to change, to choose a new destiny, to correct the course that a country should take when it is wrong.

Long live open societies and respect for popular expression. Death to the tyranny and those who govern at all costs are perpetuated indefinitely in power. Death to the tyranny and those who govern that at all costs are perpetuated indefinitely in power. (From BBC


Colombians must receive with joy the triumph of Obama. It is a glimmer of hope to overcome the racism that for centuries led us to think of the words "Indian" and "black" as derogatory ones.

Obama is a hope of reconciliation in our war, which is in addition to fratricidal it is nameless. Also for Colombia, Obama might be the path of change. (From BBC


I really like Obama and his wife has impressed me. What I worry about is the way he was brought to victory.

It seemed that Democrats were playing chess, while Republicans were playing giveaway chess.

They set an old man paired up with a housewife against the handsome Obama.

I am afraid that now they will make Obama take unpopular decisions and then use him as a scapegoat. (From BBC


This shows that racism has won in the US. Obama has no knowledge or experience, but his skin colour is "politically correct".

But I hope that this election will vaccinate the United States from racism for the future.

Obama is bound to demonstrate his political incompetence and this will teach Americans a lesson: a presidential election should not depend on the candidates' skin colour. (From BBC


American elections have shaken me to the core.

I have always thought the Chinese political system is the best in the world, but it is not so.

We are deprived of our sacred rights, rule of law and human rights are trampled upon and to have a democratic system like the one in the USA would be more difficult than reaching the sky.

But we long to achieve freedom and democracy, which is a difficult task for us young people in China. (Sent from a mobile phone to BBC


Finally change has arrived! Obama has a clear vision for the Middle East, and its one that revolves around dialogue.

This is one of the happiest days, seeing that the US is making such historical approaches. Who knows maybe one day the US can have a president of Arab heritage!

Obama's vision for the economy and global warming is very exciting, and I am extremely delighted to have played my part in supporting Mr. Obama.


Now that the generational shift is taking place in Europe, we can also see it become a reality in the US.

This election result represents a historical change to reach out to the world and offer true change to world politics on this dire financial situation.

I see an opportunity for unilateral troubleshooting bringing nations closer together.

I hope that Obama will not resort to protective measures to boost his domestic economy.


I do not foresee a positive government of Obama, especially in the relationship with Latin America, because of his opposition towards the NAFTA and the classical protectionist policies of his party.

Anyway, within four years we will have an opportunity to correct the course and U.S. will remain the only nation with one fourth of the millennium without dictators and coups d'etat.

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