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Test your energy levels
Braes of Doune windfarm, Stirling in Scotland

The EU's 27 member states are being told what they need to do to bring down carbon emissions and increase the use of renewable energy.

But how much do you know about Europe's energy needs. Test your knowledge with these 10 questions:

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Question 1
Which country has the highest proportion of renewable energy consumption in the EU?
B: Sweden
C: Latvia
Question 2
What proportion of its electricity does France derive from nuclear power?
A: 29%
B: 59%
C: 79%
Question 3
How much of Poland's electricity comes from coal-fired power stations?
A: 36%
B: 66%
C: 96%
Question 4
Which European country has pledged to shut down its nuclear reactors by 2020?
A: Bulgaria
B: France
C: Germany
Question 5
The European Commission is basing half its greenhouse gas emissions targets on a country's gross domestic product. Which country has the highest GDP per person in the EU?
A: Germany
B: Netherlands
C: Luxembourg
Question 6
Which country has the lowest gross domestic product per person in the EU?
A: Poland
B: Bulgaria
C: Malta
Question 7
How much carbon have the EU's leaders committed themselves to cutting by 2020?
A: A tenth
B: A fifth
C: A half
Question 8
What is the current EU average use of renewable energy?
A: 2%
B: 8.5%
C: 20%
Question 9
What is the biggest gas company in the world?
A: British Gas
B: Gazprom
C: Ruhrgas
Question 10
Which EU country receives the biggest proportion of its electricity from windpower?
A: Germany
C: Denmark

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