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Weekly world news quiz
The week in questions graphic

It's the end of another week... Just how much do you remember about the headlines from the past seven days?

Question 1
"The films are so beautiful... you can't but feel, well, it would be really great to be alienated, lovelorn and miserable like that." Cinema critic Kim Newman was paying tribute to whom?
A: Ingmar Bergman
B: Michelangelo Antonioni
C: Michel Serrault
Question 2
Children's TV characters the Teletubbies made the headlines for the wrong reasons this week. What happened?
A: They sparked a police hunt in Dublin
B: Health campaigners suggested they needed to lose weight
C: They were spotted in the sea off Cornwall, England
Question 3
Former triple Formula One motor racing champion Nelson Piquet was ordered to attend a week-long awareness course after the 54-year-old Brazilian committed a string of offences. Awareness of what?
A: Sea safety
B: Flight safety
C: Road safety
Question 4
A specially built 28-wheel German truck is destined for a project in the Chilean Andes. What will it be used for?
A: To repair a collapsed road
B: To assemble a telescope
C: To build a football pitch
Question 5
"He's working night and day to try and bring the Palestinian forces together." Who was speaking about whom?
A: Vladimir Putin on Mahmoud Abbas
B: Tony Blair on George W Bush
C: Gordon Brown on Tony Blair
Question 6
A handmade Iranian carpet is said to be the world's largest. Where is it destined?
A: A mosque in a Gulf state
B: The United Nations
C: A themed hotel in China
Question 7
What are the names of the two Russian mini-submarines which descended to the seabed below the North Pole?
A: Soyuz-I and Soyuz-II
B: Mir-I and Mir-II
C: Nord-I and Nord-II

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