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Weekly world news quiz
The week in questions graphic

It's the end of another week... Just how much do you remember about the headlines from the past seven days?

Test your knowledge of world news events in our quiz.

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Question 1
What prompted President George W Bush to wink at Queen Elizabeth II during a speech at a reception?
A: He asked her if she had placed a bet at the Kentucky Derby
B: A gaffe in which he nearly aged her by a couple of centuries
C: He joked that he had always admired "mother figures"
Question 2
Who was awarded tens of thousands of dollars by a court in alcohol-related damages?
A: A South Korean woman pressured by her former boss to drink alcohol at company dinners
B: An alcoholic beer taster from Brazil
C: Both
Question 3
Scientists believe they may have found a natural poison that could be used to boost people's sex lives. What is it?
A: Extracts from poison ivy plants
B: Spider venom
C: Poison from a blowfish
Question 4
An Israeli archeologist claimed to have found King Herod's tomb. What clue, described in detail by a First Century historian, led him to the burial site?
A: A monumental staircase
B: An inscription written in Aramaic
C: An intact, ornate limestone sarcophagus
Question 5
In a speech announcing that he is to step down as UK prime minister next month, Tony Blair said he had always done what he thought was right. Complete his next phrase: "I may have been wrong...
A: ... That's your call
B: ...God will judge me
C: ...Time will tell
Question 6
Presidential hopeful Barack Obama overstated the number killed by recent tornadoes in Kansas. He said 10,000 had died, when in fact the death toll was 12. What did he blame the mistake on?
A: Not being good with numbers
B: Being tired
C: A typing error
Question 7
Who apologised and said they would start to "pay complete attention to everything" from now on?
A: President-elect Nicolas Sarkozy who was criticised for holidaying on a luxury yacht
B: Paris Hilton who has been sentenced to jail
C: US rap artist Akon after a clip of him dancing provocatively with a teenage girl was posted on the internet

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