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Court order in Khalid Sheikh case
By Syed Shoaib Hasan
BBC News, Karachi

Khalid Sheikh Mohammed
The government says it has no knowledge of Mr Mohammed
A Pakistani court has ordered the government to locate three missing relatives of alleged 9/11 mastermind Khalid Sheikh Mohammed.

The order was given in the city of Karachi in response to a petition filed by Mr Mohammed's Karachi-based sister which alleges state harassment.

US officials say Mr Mohammed has admitted a role in the 9/11 bombings.

They say that he has also admitted kidnapping and murdering the US journalist Daniel Pearl in 2002.

'Detained or tortured'

He is currently in Guantanamo Bay and has been named by President Bush as one of the top al-Qaeda suspects to be held in prison.

"Every male member of the family has been detained or tortured by the state agencies," says advocate Ghulam Qadir Jatoi, who is representing the family.

Khalid Sheikh Mohammed

He says they are being tortured so that Mr Mohammed's sister will drop her petition.

It was filed in the Sindh High Court and seeks to ascertain the whereabouts of missing male members of Mr Mohammed's family.

It states that all are Pakistani citizens, and certified residents of the province of Balochistan.

The three have gone missing since Khalid Sheikh Mohammed's arrest in February 2003.

The petition claims that they are all in state custody.

A Sindh assistant attorney general represented the government in court.

He was ordered either to produce the men at the next hearing or give an explanation as to their whereabouts.

The Pakistani government stated in earlier replies to the petition that the state had not arrested Mr Mohammed, nor had any knowledge of his whereabouts.

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