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BBC News followed a shipping container for a year to tell the story of globalisation. Map information is below.

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The BBC Box arrived back in the UK after more than a year travelling the globe by road, rail and sea.

The shipping container carried a variety of contents from whisky and car parts to tinned cat food as part of a project to tell the story of global trade in the current economic climate.

BBC Business editor Jeremy Hillman says the journey helped shed light on issues ranging from the growing strength of China's consumer class to international piracy and what globalisation really means close up.

"Perhaps my favourite story was that of Copenhagen Express Captain Sanjeev Kaushal who only found out about the BBC Box, and that he was carrying it on his own ship, from relatives e-mailing him on board," he said.

The last cargo, tinned cat food, has been delivered and the Box completed its journey with a visit to BBC Television Centre. Journey over, the Box is now on its way to Africa to be turned into a soup kitchen.

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The green dots show previous locations for the Box on its last leg, with times given in GMT. The green line connecting them indicates the approximate route. The blue lines show previous routes.

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