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Mapping the wildfires
Large areas of California have been devastated by wildfires fuelled by high winds and extremely dry conditions. The two largest blazes - named Witch and Harris - are to the north and south east of the city of San Diego. Use the map below to find out more.


Satellite image of California showing fire locations

Witch fire:
Satellite image shows the smoke from the California wildfires being blown out to sea

  • This fire has consumed 197,990 acres in San Diego County and is 45% contained. Its progression is reported to have slowed in the west, northwest and southwest.

  • Some 1,061 houses and around 30 businesses have been destroyed. Another 1,000 houses remain under threat.

  • More than 2,800 firefighters are tackling the blaze, 22 injuries have been reported

  • Around 500,000 people across the county have been evacuated to emergency shelters in schools, churches and community centres, though residents have been allowed to return home in some places

  • The estimated cost of this fire so far is $7.5 million

    Harris fire:

  • This fire has consumed 84,300 acres so far and is 20% contained


  • Some 97 houses are estimated to have been destroyed and 250 damaged. A further 1,500 houses and 500 businesses are threatened

  • One person has died and 33 have been injured, including 12 firefighters

  • More than 1,600 firefighters are assigned to this blaze

    Poomacha fire:

  • This fire has consumed some 39,000 acres and is 35% contained. At least 60 houses have been destroyed and 2,000 are still threatened. Evacuations orders are still in place in nearby areas

  • Fire has merged with the Witch fire in the south after beginning as as a smaller, separate blaze at the Lajolla Indian reservation on 23 October

  • Twelve firefighter injuries reported

    Rice fire:

  • This fire has consumed 9,000 acres in the north of the county and is 40% contained

  • Some 206 houses and at least 40 other buildings have been destroyed. 200 are threatened currently. Evacuation orders are in place in Fallbrook and nearby areas

  • More than 1,000 firefighters are tackling the blaze, estimated cost so far is $2.3 million

    Horno/Ammo fire:

  • Fire began on 21 October near the military base of Camp Pendleton. It has burned 19,353 acres and is 80% contained


    fires map

    Graphic: firefighter

    1. Ranch fire: 58,396 acres burned since 20 October, the fire is now 87% contained. Some 492 firefighters are tackling this blaze. All evacuation orders have been lifted

    2. Buckweed fire: 38,356 acres burned, 100% contained. Evacuation orders lifted in most places. Four people injured. Estimated cost to date is $5.8 million

    3. Santiago fire: 27,000 acres burned, 30% contained. Some 14 houses destroyed, mandatory evacuation orders remain in effect in some areas. Officials believe this fire was started deliberately

    The estimated cost to date is $4.5 million. More than 1,000 firefighters are assigned, four injuries reported

    From other websites:

    4. Slide fire: 13,378 acres consumed, 15% contained. Around 200 houses have been destroyed and 1,000 are threatened.

    The entire community of Green Valley was evacuated after becoming surrounded by the blaze and mandatory evacuation orders remain in place in other areas. Estimated cost of this fire so far is $3 million

    5. Canyon fire: 4,565 acres consumed, now 100% contained. 22 structures have been destroyed or damaged. Evacuation orders have been lifted. Estimated cost $4.2 million, three people injured

    6. Grass Valley fire: 1,100 acres burned north of Lake Arrowhead, this fire is 70% contained. 100 buildings have been destroyed, some 6,000 houses are threatened. Mandatory and voluntary evacuations are in place in some areas. Estimated cost $2.7 million

    7. Magic fire: Consumed some 2,824 acres since 22 October, now 100% contained.

    *Only fires which have burned more than 1,000 acres are listed

    Sources: Cal Fire, US National Interagency Fire Center, LA Times

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