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Presidential primary, caucus and party convention dates
Map showing when each US state is holding its primary and caucus elections

*States in bold hold Democratic or Republican primaries on separate dates.
Some dates may change.

Caucus: Private meeting of party members to select a candidate or delegates for a state or national nominating convention.
Primary: A state level election to nominate a party's candidate for office.


2008 Multi-party primaries Dem Rep 2004 Multi-party primaries Dem Rep
3 Iowa caucuses            
5     Wyoming        
8 New Hampshire     19 Iowa caucuses    
15 Michigan            
19 Nevada caucuses   South Carolina, Hawaii caucus 27 New Hampshire    
26   South Carolina          
29 Florida            
2     Maine caucus 3 Missouri North Dakota Oklahoma Arizona Delaware New Mexico caucus South Carolina  
5 Alabama Alaska caucuses, Arizona Arkansas California Idaho caucus Montana West Virginia 7   Michigan caucus Washington caucus  
  Colorado caucuses, Connecticut Delaware Georgia New Mexico caucus   8   Maine caucus  
  Illinois Massachusetts Kansas caucuses   10 Tennessee Virginia  
  Minnesota caucuses, Missouri     14   Nevada caucus  
  New Jersey New York     17 Wisconsin    
  North Dakota caucuses     24   Hawaii caucus Idaho caucus Utah caucus  
  Oklahoma Tennessee Utah            
9 Louisiana Washington caucuses Nebraska caucus Kansas caucuses        
10   Maine caucus          
12 Maryland Virginia            
19 Washington Wisconsin Hawaii caucuses          
2     Hawaii caucus 2 California Connecticut Georgia    
4 Ohio, Rhode Island, Texas Vermont       Ohio Maryland Massachusetts    
8   Wyoming caucus     Minnesota caucus, New York    
11 Mississippi       Rhode Island Vermont    
        9 Florida Louisiana Mississippi Texas   Washington caucus
        13   Kansas caucus  
        16 Illinois    
        20   Alaska caucus Wyoming caucus  
        27     South Carolina caucus
22 Pennsylvania     13 Colorado    
        17   North Carolina caucus  
        24     Kansas caucus
        27 Pennsylvania    
        29   Nevada caucus  
6 Indiana North Carolina     4 Indiana North Carolina    
13 West Virginia   Nebraska 8     Arizona caucus, Utah caucus
18 Hawaii Republican convention            
20 Kentucky Oregon           Wyoming Caucus
27     Idaho 11 Nebraska West Virginia    
        14     Delaware caucus
        15     Maine caucus
        18 Arkansas Kentucky Oregon    
        21     Alaska caucus, Michigan caucus
              North Carolina caucus
        25 Idaho    
3 South Dakota Montana New Mexico 1 Alabama, New Mexico South Dakota    
        4     Hawaii caucus
        5     Virginia caucus
        8 Montana New Jersey    
Democratic National Convention
25 - 28 Aug Denver, Colorado     26 - 29 July Boston, Massachusetts    
Republican National Convention
1-4 Sep Minneapolis-St Paul, Minnesota     30 Aug- 2 Sep New York    

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