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Royal, Sarkozy and Bayrou: The policies
Segolene Royal

Nicolas Sarkozy

Francois Bayrou


  Segolene Royal Nicolas Sarkozy Francois Bayrou
Socialist regional premier of Poitou-Charentes, 53, has a 100-point plan she would implement if elected France's first female head of state Ex-interior minister and leader of centre-right UMP, 52, sharply divides opinion in France, but is regarded as a formidable challenger Leader of small UDF centre-right party, part-time farmer, 55, wants to bridge "prehistoric" left-right divide. Opposes UMP on important issues
Salaries, Benefits and Pensions - Minimum wage up 250 euros to 1,500 euros ($2,000)/month - Basic state pension to rise by 5%
- 90% of salary for year after losing job
- No tax and social security charges on overtime over 35 hrs - Workers retire when they want
- No benefits for those rejecting work
- Cut labour charges, tax breaks on two jobs in every firm
- Choice to retire via point system
- "Universal activity": everyone contributes
International affairs - Renegotiated EU treaty put to referendum
-Create Eurozone govt, promoting economic growth and common tax levels
- New EU-led Middle East peace initiative
- "Mini"-EU treaty put to French parliament
- France, Portugal, Spain, Italy, Greece and Cyprus to form "Mediterranean Union"
- Oppose Turkey's EU membership
- New short EU text to be voted on by referendum
- "Multi-circle EU": political Europe, including Eurozone, within legal Europe
- Keep Turkey out, Mediterranean Union
Housing - 120,000 council homes a year; councils claim homes empty for two years
- Private rent cap and lifelong guarantee of housing
- Provide assistance for those who want to buy their council homes
- No person forced to sleep rough within two years of election
- Legal right to housing, offer social housing to all those on benefits
- All building projects to include 25% of social housing
Energy, Environment and Agriculture - Cut dependence on nuclear power
- 20% of energy from renewables by 2020
- Reform EU farming subsidies to favour environment and smaller farmers
- Promote nuclear power as clean energy source
- Increase amount of tax on pollution
- Simplify EU farming subsidies and link to actual market prices
- Maintain nuclear energy
- Reduce energy consumption by 25% by 2020
- Guarantee prices for farmers through market openings
Economy and taxes - No rise in general taxation
- Lower burden on firms creating jobs
- "Consolidate" 35-hour week
- Taxes cut by four percentage points
- Up to 95% exempt from inheritance tax
- Right to work more than 35 hours a week
- Cut public deficit rather than taxes
- Simplify the tax system
- Keep 35-hour week, pay overtime
Immigration, Law and Order - Residency papers if criteria such as job contract and time in France are met
- Military-style training camps for young offenders
- Cut illegal immigration and have policy favouring qualified workers
- Minimum terms for repeat offenders and tougher on juveniles
- Curb illegal migrants & workers, actively integrate legal migrants
- Community service for juveniles of 3, 6 or 12 months
How to pay for it - Financed by 2.5% economic growth per year for five years - Cut civil service costs, which account for 45% of budget - Cut in exemptions to labour charges

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