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Bush approval rating tracker
Graphic: Polls key

These figures show how President George W Bush's popularity ratings as measured by Fox/Opinion Dynamics, CBS News/New York Times and USA Today/Gallup have fluctuated over last 10 months.

38%5/11/06Fox News/Opinion Dynamic
38%5/11/06Gallup Poll/USA Today
34%31/10/06CBS News/New York Times
40%25/10/06Fox News/Opinion Dynamic
37%22/10/06Gallup Poll/USA Today
37%12/10/06Gallup Poll/USA Today
40%11/10/06Fox News/Opinion Dynamic
30%8/10/06CBS News/New York Times
42%27/9/06Fox News/Opinion Dynamic
37%19/9/06CBS News/New York Times
44%17/9/06Gallup Poll/USA Today
40%13/9/06Fox News/Opinion Dynamic
39%10/9/06Gallup Poll/USA Today
36%21/8/06CBS News/New York Times
42%20/8/06Gallup Poll/USA Today
37%10/8/06Gallup Poll/USA Today
36%9/8/06Fox News/Opinion Dynamic
40%30/7/06Gallup Poll/USA Today
36%25/7/06CBS News/New York Times
37%23/7/06Gallup Poll/USA Today
36%12/7/06Fox News/Opinion Dynamic
40%9/7/06Gallup Poll/USA Today
41%28/6/06Fox News/Opinion Dynamic
37%25/6/06Gallup Poll/USA Today
40%14/6/06Fox News/Opinion Dynamic
38%11/6/06Gallup Poll/USA Today
33%11/6/06CBS News/New York Times
36%4/6/06Gallup Poll/USA Today
35%18/5/06Fox News/Opinion Dynamic
35%17/5/06CBS News/New York Times
31%11/5/06Gallup Poll/USA Today
31%7/5/06Gallup Poll/USA Today
33%19/4/06Fox News/Opinion Dynamic
36%13/4/06Gallup Poll/USA Today
37%9/4/06Gallup Poll/USA Today
37%9/4/06CBS News/New York Times
36%16/3/06Gallup Poll/USA Today
39%15/3/06Fox News/Opinion Dynamic
34%12/3/06CBS News/New York Times
37%12/3/06Gallup Poll/USA Today
34%26/2/06CBS News/New York Times
39%12/2/06Gallup Poll/USA Today
42%9/2/06Gallup Poll/USA Today
44%8/2/06Fox News/Opinion Dynamic
42%25/1/06CBS News/New York Times
43%22/1/06Gallup Poll/USA Today
43%12/1/06Gallup Poll/USA Today
42%11/1/06Fox News/Opinion Dynamic
41%8/1/06CBS News/New York Times

This data was collated by independent polling resource website PollingReport.com. Full data from these and other polls can be found on the dedicated pages Bush job ratings pt. 1 and pt.2

FOX/OPINION DYNAMICS: Question: "Do you approve of disapprove of the job George W Bush is doing as president?" Size of sample: 900 likely voters nationwide. Margin of error: 3

CBS NEWS/NEW YORK TIMES: Question: "Do you approve or disapprove of the way George W Bush is handling his job as president?" Size of sample = 1,131 adults nationwide. Margin of error: 3

USA TODAY/GALLUP POLL: Question: "Do you approve or disapprove of the way George W Bush is handling his job as president?" Size of sample: Approx. 1,000 adults nationwide. Margin of error: n/a

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