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The world this week
A look at what could be dominating the headlines around the world this week - and some key background on those events.


Su-27 jets perform over St Petersburg, 28 June 2007
Resurgent Russia - our in-depth report on how Moscow is making itself heard on the world stage again, including a profile of the hardest-hitting foreign minister since Andrei Gromyko and an overview of its economic boom

Asian crisis recalled: It is a decade since Thailand devalued the baht and triggered an Asia-wide financial storm.

Over to Tehran now: Iran's state television company launches Press TV, an international satellite channel in English aimed at "breaking the global media stranglehold of Western outlets". It boasts 26 correspondents around the world.

Winter in Paris: Models walk out the Autumn-Winter 2007/2008 collections at the French capital's haute couture fashion show.

Inflatable alien outside a shop in Roswell, New Mexico
Roswell has cashed in on its fame

How's the soul? George W Bush and Vladimir Putin wind up their summit at Kennebunkport, Maine. When he first met Mr Putin, in 2001, the US leader said he had got "a sense of his soul" and found him trustworthy.

Roswell 'incident': A "UFO" crashed to Earth near the New Mexico town of Roswell 60 years ago. What was it? An alien spacecraft or a top-secret research balloon, as the Pentagon maintains?


The Gandhi letter on display
Gandhi's letter is part of the Albin Schram Collection

Letter from Gandhi: India's government is bidding for a rare letter written by Mahatma Gandhi in 1948 when it goes up for auction in London at Christies. One of the last he wrote, it pleads for tolerance towards Muslims. Nineteen days after he wrote it, he was assassinated by a Hindu fanatic.

Trash therapy: Thirty lucky customers have been given the chance to smash the interiors of a Madrid hotel which is being refurbished. The 30, all of whom had to prove they were "stressed out", are being given helmets and sledgehammers to wreak destruction to their hearts' content.

Stalinists purged: It is 50 years since Tass announced the sacking of several key Stalinist hardliners including Molotov, Malenkov and Kaganovich, four years after the dictator's death. The purge strengthened the reforming hand of Nikita Khrushchev.


Ronald in bronze: Polish admirers of Ronald Reagan unveil a privately funded statue of the late US president in Warsaw in memory of his contribution to ending communist rule. The 3.5-metre (10.5ft) work stands opposite the US embassy.

Salzburg or Sochi? The International Olympic Committee meets in Guatemala City to select the venue for the 2014 Winter Olympics. President Putin is in town to push the Russian resort of Sochi. He is up against Pyeongchang, South Korea, and Salzburg, Austria.


UN fundraiser: Geneva hosts Global Compact, a summit between the UN and big business. Secretary General Ban Ki-moon is expected to urge Coca Cola, Tata Steel and other giants to promote social and environmental responsibility in business.


Hooves and horns: The northern Spanish town of Pamplona hosts its famous annual bull run, the prelude to the fights. Trying to outrun bulls up narrow mediaeval streets can be dangerous.


Self-portrait by Frida Kahlo
Kahlo took up painting following a tram accident in Mexico City

Green guitars: A day of concerts across the world, dubbed Live Earth, is meant to raise awareness of climate change. Rio's Copacabana Beach is hoping to attract up to 1m visitors...

...though some people may be heading to Finland for the annual wife-carrying "world championships" at Sonkajarvi or to Wales for the mountain-bike bog-snorkelling event at Llanwrtyd Wells.

Frida centenary: Mexican artist Frida Kahlo, whose stormy life was as famous as her work, was born 100 years ago.

Wonder vote: The results of an online vote to find seven new "Wonders of the World" are announced in Lisbon.


Computer generated image of Boeing's new 787 Dreamliner
The Boeing 787 is designed to carry up to 330 passengers

Tour de Londres: The annual Tour de France cycling race pushes off with a difference - it is starting from London.

Leading Latvians: Valdis Zatlers, a leading doctor, replaces Vaira Vike-Freiberga as president of the small Baltic state after her two terms in office.

Now boarding: Boeing unveils the 787 "Dreamliner", its first all-new airliner in more than a decade, at Everett, Washington State. Its main body and wings are predominantly made of carbon composite materials, making it extra-light and saving 20% on fuel costs.

This guide to the week ahead is not intended as an exhaustive list, and the events noted may be cancelled or postponed.

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