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Weekly world news quiz
The week in questions graphic

It's the end of another week... Just how much do you remember about the headlines from the past seven days?

Test your knowledge of world news events in our quiz.

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Question 1
Dutch broadcasters have published a guide to new words, dissatisfied with the government's latest official guide. Among the unofficial words is "blowverbodbord", describing a street sign. What does it mean?
A: Wind turbines banned
B: The consumption of soft drugs is illegal here
C: Sounding of horns forbidden
Question 2
What this week was described as a "heavenly moment"?
A: Bulgaria's accession to the European Union
B: The lifting of a UN ban on the sale of caviar
C: The completion of a teenager's single-handed trip across the Atlantic
Question 3
Who hired singer George Michael to sing at a New Year's Eve party, for almost $3 million for an hour's work?
A: Steel maker and third-richest man on the planet Lakshmi Mittal
B: An unnamed Russian billionaire in Moscow
C: YouTube founders, who became billionaires when the video clip website was sold to Google
Question 4
CNN executives were left red-faced after the wrong caption was placed on a news report. The caption asked: "Where's...
A: Alabama?
B: Osama?
C: Obama?
Question 5
Scientists say they have discovered an enormous ice shelf that has broken off an island in the Arctic. There are fears it could wreak havoc with shipping lanes. It is about the size of...
A: Manhattan
B: Singapore
C: Wales
Question 6
What new method are Chinese scientists developing to predict earthquakes?
A: Examining the pattern of quake damage found in ancient tree rings
B: Satellite-mapping of seismically active areas
C: Observing erratic behaviour in snakes
Question 7
Which country has announced that it will offset the greenhouse gases produced by public employees when they fly abroad by buying emissions credits?
A: New Zealand
B: Canada
C: Norway

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