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Weekly world news quiz
The week in questions graphic

It's the end of another week... Just how much do you remember about the headlines from the past seven days?

Test your knowledge of world news events in our quiz.

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Question 1
Complete this BBC News website headline: US 'wants Blair' for **** job
A: White House
B: Climate Change
C: Mid-East
Question 2
French counter-espionage chiefs have upset hundreds of ministerial staff by banning what, amid security fears?
A: Personal e-mail accounts
B: Blackberry mobile devices
C: Online social networking sites
Question 3
The Swiss inaugurated a 34.6km rail link under the Alps meant to ease traffic jams. What's so special about it?
A: It's the world longest overland tunnel
B: It goes through more countries than any other tunnel
C: It's the highest rail tunnel in the world
Question 4
Where might planning a holiday for "no other reason than sightseeing" get your tourist visa application rejected?
A: Burma
B: Bhutan
C: Britain
Question 5
How much does an average cup of coffee cost in Moscow, the world's most expensive city?
A: $6.20
B: $4.50
C: $9.10
Question 6
There was disappointment in Tulsa when a time capsule buried 50 years was reopened amid great fanfare. Why?
A: Early Elvis Presley and Buddy Holly recordings had been eaten by rats
B: A car buried in the capsule had rusted and wouldn't start
C: There was nothing in it
Question 7
Hillary Clinton spoofed the finale of The Sopranos in a website clip. In it husband Bill joins her in a diner. She pushes a bowl of carrots at him - he says...
A: "What happened to my steak?"
B: "No onion rings?"
C: "Good thing I've got you looking out for me"

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