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Weekly world news quiz
The week in questions

It's the end of another week... Just how much do you remember about the headlines from the past seven days?

Test your knowledge of world news events in our quiz.

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Question 1
Who described what as "hooey" and "nonsense"?
A: Tom Hanks talking about the controversial film The Da Vinci Code
B: President Bush on conspiracy theories surrounding the 9/11 Pentagon attack
C: Sir Paul McCartney on criticisms of his wife Heather, with whom he is to split
Question 2
The names pizzly, grolar and nanulak have been suggested for what?
A: The hybrid offspring of a male grizzly bear and a female polar bear
B: A newly discovered Indonesian bird species with spectacular plumage
C: A solar power system that works equally well when it's grey and raining
Question 3
The European Commission has agreed to let another country into the eurozone club - provided the European Parliament and EU member states approve. Which is the country and what currency will it swap for the euro?
A: Romania, new leu
B: Slovenia, tolars
C: Lithuania, litas
Question 4
What media report has prompted an angry denial from Cuba's President Fidel Castro?
A: A suggestion that he has invited US President George W Bush to attend his birthday celebrations
B: A US newspaper column saying he intends to stand down as leader on his 80th birthday in August
C: A claim in a US magazine that he has amassed a personal fortune of $900m
Question 5
Recruits hoping to join the navy in China will have to meet new criteria. They have to be tall, polite and...
A: Multi-lingual
B: Good-looking
C: Married
Question 6
Archaeologists have discovered a tattooed skeleton dating to 450 AD of an adolescent girl offered in sacrifice. Where did they find it?
A: Peru
B: Egypt
C: Greece
Question 7
Two masked men burst into the town hall of a Paris suburb and took 13 councillors hostage at gunpoint. What were they demanding?
A: The combination for the safe holding the town hall's ceremonial gold and silver
B: A guarantee that council workers would be allowed time off to watch France's World Cup games
C: Tickets to the Champions League final between Arsenal and Barcelona

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