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Last Updated: Thursday, 10 August 2006, 13:10 GMT 14:10 UK
Graphic: Airport security
Amid heightened security following the detection of an apparent plot to detonate bombs onboard aircraft, BBC News looks at the standard security measures in place at airports across the UK.


1. Road access to airports is restricted. No parking zones outside airport terminals, traffic monitored by CCTV and police
2. Armed police and CCTV monitor terminal building
3. All passengers asked about contents of bags and whether they packed them personally. All sharp objects must be placed into checked-in baggage. Passports required for most check-ins
4. Passengers' passports inspected. Names of all passengers flying to the US must be submitted to US officials for cross-referencing against a database of "high-risk" terror suspects. All passengers must pass through a metal detector and all hand baggage is scanned with an X-ray machine. Sniffer dogs and chemical hand swabs are currently used to detect explosives. Explosives detector machines are currently being developed and may well be introduced in the future
5. Checked baggage passes through large-scale x-ray machines. All bags are kept completely separate from passenger areas in the terminal
6. 'Airside'. Only access to aircraft area from the terminal is via controlled boarding points only. Ground staff are submitted to background checks. Security pass system limits access to aircraft to only vital personnel and CCTV monitors the aircraft area

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