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Last Updated: Wednesday, 10 March, 2004, 16:55 GMT
What will your world be like in 2015?
The BBC is seeking your opinion on what you think are the biggest threats and challenges to the world ahead of 2015, the date the UN has set for the completion of its Millennium Development Goals.

The goals are targets set by the UN in 2000 aimed at reducing poverty and improving the lives of millions around the world. But in the four years since then the world has become a different place.

Where will you be?
Click on the links below to take our e-survey and quiz

This survey - the first global e-survey of its kind - aims to find out what users of BBC websites around the world feel should be the priority for their governments.

The survey is available in six different languages. Once you have completed the survey, you will be able to compare your results with others from around the world - by region, gender, age and language.

There is also a quiz to try - and see how your knowledge of progress on the Millennium Development Goals compares with others from around the globe.

We'd like to hear your stories of how you and others around you are dealing with these issues. You'll be given the chance to join online communities of other like-minded people.

And you could win the opportunity to take part in a radio or TV programme - or present the findings of this e-survey to world leaders and key policy makers.

To begin the survey, simply click on the link in the graphic above.

Where I would like to be in 2015 and where I expect to be

My greatest hope is that by 2015 most of the industrialized world will have abandoned the mentality that the only way to keep a balance in the world is by stepping on the developing world, economically, politically and environmentally.
Rodrigo Gutiérrez, Mexico City, Mexico

I desire to be in a country where I suffer no discrimination, poverty is as far as darkness is from light. A place of equal opportunities, security, access to good food, water, quality education and health, a place of reward for hard work; nothing to live for or die for. My country Nigeria is far from it and I do not hope to be in Nigeria in 2015.
Nkem N Chima, Lagos, Nigeria

I´d love to live in another European country such as Britain or France, but I´m afraid I´ll be living in Spain
María J. Pérez, Madrid, Spain

By 2015, I will be 69 years old, if I am still alive. I hope that eventually, by that time, more people will have had the chance to see and enjoy my paintings. I also hope that I will be able to maintain contact with most of the students I have taught since 1967 and bask in their success, great and small.
Denis Murrell, Macau SAR, China

I wished I could see a better world in 2015. In the winter of my life, I am depressed by the direction that my own country has taken the world. If I could live to see America change direction and exercise leadership in building societies and improving the lives of the poor instead of destroying and fighting to stay on king of the mountain, I would feel much better about life. Until then, I intend to stay where I am.
Dennis, Vietnam

In 2015 the world will be even more divided into two ways of living. On the one hand you will have people living their lives fully, and on the other hand you will have people living in fear. Those living in fear will experience all the world calamities such as terrorism etc. This trend is happening now in the US. Most of the country is living in fear, encouraged by the advertising companies and the government. Those who believe in all those fear tactics will go through these experiences. Those who can see that the world is not as bad as it seems, and that all calamities result from self-induced fears will live in peace. I really believe the world will divided into these two poles: those who fear and those who don't.
William, Seoul, Korea

By 2015 poverty in the world should have been reduced to the barest minimum. My hope is that there will be appropriate education for all throughout the world and wars and terrorism have ceased.
Kingsley Inkoom, Accra, Ghana

In 2015 I would like to be working for myself, having a continued happy relationship with my husband and helping those less fortunate than myself to believe in their dreams - in a world that has had enough of violence and is working towards peace though tolerance for each others differences - gender, religion, race, etc.
C. Sullivan, Portland, OR

I truly hope the US is a better place in 2015, but I don't think it will happen under our current political system. I also hope other countries, especially in the developing world, stop trying to be someone else and start acting like themselves. There is no one-size-fits-all approach to development.
Michael, WI, USA

In 2015 the world will be an immense shanty town with all the wealth concentrated in walled-in cities for the rich. The environment will be a polluted wasteland. Those born into these condition will not have the education to know there is a problem and this situation will stagnate.
Paul, Belfast, UK

2015...new gizmos and technologies...the same mindset of fooling and exploiting people by politicians...the best period in humanity as far as comforts of living are concerned (therafter technology will advance for the worse and there'll be so many people fed up with politics that each one will be for him/herself)...
Tushar Pasrija, Gurgaon, India

In 2015 I will be 37 - I would like to be financially secure, with a loving partner and hopefully 1 or 2 kids (obviously having 'lived it up' and travelled the world beforehand!). I don't see myself staying in this country (Scotland) because I believe there are better opportunities abroad and I can't stand the weather! I earn a very good living now and have just become a homeowner but the prospect of rising interest rates and the cost of living in the UK, makes me very scared for my future esp when I don't reckon my salary will rise significantly. Australia or Canada would be my ideal destinations.......
Lorna, Edinburgh

In 2015, God's will, I hope to be making invaluable contribution to world development, especially in education. As an educated young man, I am faced with the many challenges of not being able to secure a job that commensurate with my qualification. I have had to be settling for low paid jobs because some employers see experience as paramount to a quality education, so I hope I will be in a position to give young graduates the chance to prove themselves to the working world.
Gavin Bennett, Montego Bay, Jamaica

In the year 2015 I want to be a valuable member of society. I would like to use the education that I have acquired to make a difference in my community. My focus would be on the environment which is a major issue in a developing country like my own. I hope to do this by working in the industries and to try and promote change from within.
Ann, Trinidad

Where I'd like to be is vastly different than where I expect to be. I would love to live in Europe again so that my child could have exposure to other cultures on a daily basis and learn other languages. My husband grew up in Europe and I lived there as a young adult. We both speak 3 languages and have wonderful memories of our time there. However, given the current situation in the world, I think we are in a long term fight against terrorism and given the stand that Europe has taken, I expect they will be the first western entity to fall victim to cultural devastation and overrun by the terrorists. It saddens me to think of the beautiful cultures and architecture of Europe being ravaged but I honestly believe that is what is going to happen.
Sherry, Gainesville, VA USA

I wish that humanity as a whole would stop thinking this planet exists only for their benefit (and especially for the rich countries). It would be wonderful if we could really share, not only with other people, but also with the many other species that inhabit the earth. We have equal rights to this planet.
David Geritz, The Hague, the Netherlands

One question you omitted in the E-survey is: Do you think the Western world will be more democratic in 2015, or will it be less democratic? I believe democracy is at risk if we remain unaware of the factors undermining it.
Alexander Hellemans, San Lorenzello, Italy

Only good education can give us good selfless caring leaders who will be able to take decision without any infuence. That's my dream for my country in 2015.
Roushan Aziz, Dhaka Bangladesh

Dream of remaining in education field, but in new ways - by achieving a doctoral degree and teaching and leading students in field schools and regular classrooms in archaeology and world history.
Erin, Tokyo, Japan (Expat)

Hopefully, I would be very happy that our country, (our world) will be a better place to live where terrorism, inequality, starvation and poverty can be eradicated.. And of course, as for me, the most important thing is that the whole countries in the world should come together to fight with these maniac, inhuman terrorists so that the world will be safe for our next generation.
John Stukuk, Malaysia

The biggest problem facing 'the world' is over population. 25 years ago 2 billion people was too many, today's 6 billion is still too many. The earth cannot support such a population. Since the governments of the world are unwilling to face this, but are side tracked by more vocal groups, the root cause of all the world's problems, over population is not being taken seriously, and will continue to be a major issue through the foreseeable future
David, Thailand

I would like to see a massive re-think in terms of environmental policy. But the UK, as is all of the western world (or economic north) is only concerned with economics, to the detriment of the third world. We cannot improve the environmental mess we've created without helping the developing world develop in a more sustainable way than ourselves. This, of course, is not going to happen.
Liam Joyce, Norrköping, Sweden

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