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Islam: How much do you know?

How much do you know about Islam? Try our quiz to find out how you score. Choose an answer for each question and then click results at the bottom of the page. Good luck!
Which of the following is true?
A: Islam is the world’s largest religion
B: Islam is the world’s second largest religion
C: Islam is the world’s third largest religion
Where did Islam begin?
A: In modern-day Jerusalem
B: In modern-day Saudi Arabia
C: In modern-day Egypt
What does it take to convert to a Muslim?
A: You can’t readily. You are either born into the faith or, in limited circumstances, become a Muslim by marriage.
B: Personal study and preparation during one Islamic year, mentored by two practising Muslims and a sponsoring Imam
C: Making the declaration of faith, in Arabic and before witnesses: “There is no God but Allah and Muhammad is his messenger”
Muslims are expected to put their faith into action through the ‘five pillars of Islam’. One of them, Zakat, is:
A: The obligation to give annually to charity
B: The obligation to seek potential converts
C: The obligation to learn the Koran by heart
Which of the following statements is false:
A: An Imam is the quasi-political leader whose decisions are acted upon by followers
B: Jihad describes the experience of Muslims “struggling” to live out their faith as well as they possibly can.
C: A Fatwa is the legal opinion put forward by an Islamic scholar
What is Islam’s attitude towards divorce?
A: Divorce is not acceptable
B: Men can divorce wives but not vice versa
C: Divorce by either party is acceptable
Which of these African countries does not have a Muslim majority population?
A: Nigeria
B: Ethiopia
C: Chad
Put these three religions in the correct order, largest first, as they are predicted to be in the USA by 2010:
A: Christianity, Islam, Judaism
B: Christianity, Judaism, Islam
C: Islam, Christianity, Judaism
Sunni is to Shia as …
A: Catholic is to Protestant
B: Christianity is to Judaism
C: Sikhism is to Hinduism
Which of the following does not describe Islam’s opinion of Christianity and Judaism?
A: Christians and Jews should be respected as ‘people of the book’
B: Islam is the final message of God to humanity, building upon and superceding Judaism and Christianity.
C: Both of them are wholly wrong and should be dismissed out of hand for believing in false prophets.

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