Embedding video on external sites

Video available for embedding on non-BBC websites

BBC News makes some video content available for embedding on other websites and blogs. These videos can be embedded onto both personal and business websites, subject to our revised terms of use.

The video news available for embedding is from the UK Politics, Business, Health, Science & Environment and Technology sections of the BBC News website. Occasionally there will be videos from these sections which aren't available, usually due to rights restrictions.

You can easily see which videos are available - in the grey bar underneath the video, an EMBED button appears if it is available for off-site embedding.

Embedded Media Player

By clicking on the embed button, you will see the embed code you will need to copy and then paste into your own website.

Embedded player with web code available

As explained in our terms of use the embed code mustn't be altered in any way.

All of the content has been produced for the BBC's own news services and the BBC is not generating any 'bespoke' content to meet third-party requirements.

As well as discovering our embeddable videos on the News website, you can also use our video RSS feeds which contain links to all our video and audio stories from those sections:

Business video RSS feed

Health video RSS feed

UK Politics video RSS feed

Science & Environment RSS feed

Technology video RSS feed

For more general information on the BBC News embedded player, go to our guide to the embedded player page .

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