How does Recommendation work?

Recommend button

We want readers to tell us and other readers which comments they think are best and worth reading.

So if you are a registered user and you see a comment that you like, click the green Recommend button below it. You can recommend as many comments as you want, but you can only recommend each comment once.

All individual recommendations for each comment will be added to give each comment a recommendation score. At peak times there may be a time lag before your recommendation is added to the overall score. But it will be added. We try to re-calculate the recommendation score of comments as fast as possible.

Readers can then click on the "Readers Recommended" tab on each discussion to see comments according to their recommendation score. The most recommended comments (and therefore the best, according to our readers) will appear at the top.

If you are not a registered user you cannot recommend comments, although you can use the "Readers Recommended" tab. We encourage you to register to take full advantage of this feature and help us edit the content of the Have Your Say discussions.

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