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Download Real Player from RealNetworks to get multimedia capability.

We hope to support other formats in the future. Most of our leading stories are accompanied by BBC interviews or reports in audio and video. The best of these are brought together in our audio video console which is available on the right of all the main indexes of the site

AV Console

The console gives you the chance to choose from a menu of leading stories which are continuously updated throughout the day. Each story will be accompanied by related items including television and radio interviews and features. We will also bring you live coverage of breaking news stories and key events. Through the console you will also be able to listen to your favourite programmes both live and on-demand.

This innovative development includes a built-in media player. You can choose between two sizes for the console by clicking on the button in the top right hand corner. The length of the compact version can be altered. The console will play media items whilst other applications are in use. However, to keep the console in view at all times under Windows, no other applications should be maximised.

Beneath the console's banner heading you will see two headings 'UK News' and 'World News'. You can access these areas by clicking on the relevant tab.

To play the media simply click on the headlines. Related reports and interviews will also appear beneath the built-in player when the main item is being watched or listened to. These in turn can be watched and listened to by clicking on the headlines.

The 'related news' items that may also appear beneath the built-in media player are items appearing on BBC News Online that may add to your understanding of a story.

In the yellow scrolling area underneath the BBC is offering: live coverage of news events, and news programmes divided between those on air 'now' and those coming up 'next'. These programmes and events can be viewed by clicking on the live links offered. Many programmes are now available on demand and to get to them click on the 'News Programmes' link.

There are also 'choice' programmes bringing to your attention BBC news programmes that will be offering distinctive coverage on some of the important stories of the day. You may also find the following information useful.

BBC News Online's Audio Video Console is supported on Windows 95/98, Windows NT4 and Mac OS; it is not yet supported on Unix platforms.

It is supported on Internet Explorer versions 4 and above or Netscape 4.

We do not endorse or provide support for any software application, but if you need further technical help about the site see our Frequently asked questions or send us an e-mail.


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