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Tuesday, 19 March, 2002, 17:17 GMT

Dr Moor: Landmark verdict
The acquittal of Northumberland GP Dr David Moor had great significance for medical practice in the UK.
Euthanasia: An overview
BBC Health Correspondent Richard Hannaford offers a round-up of the central issues in the euthanasia debate.
Euthanasia and the law
What is the law on deliberate euthanasia in Britain and other European states? Ursula Smartt, senior lecturer in law at Thames Valley University in West London, explains.
The pro-choice view
A personal view by Jenni Burt of the Voluntary Euthanasia Society.
The pro-life view
A personal view by Mike Willis, chairman of the Pro-Life Alliance.
Whose decision is it anyway?
Mary Ormerod was left to starve by her GP and daughters - despite nurses' protests and her inability to communicate her wishes.
Fighting for the right to die
Annie Lindsell brought a test case to establish the right to die with dignity.
Holland: Bending the rules?
Euthanasia has massive public support in Holland - but there are fears that bad practice is leading to abuse of the relaxed laws in the country.
Lessons from Down Under
The world's first fully legal act of euthanasia in Australia after the Northern Territory cleared the way with legislation in 1996 - the law was overturned nine months later.
'Dr Death': Pushing the law
Dr Jack Kevorkian used to assist terminally-ill patients commit suicide - he dared the law to stop him, and it did. Dr Kevorkian is currently serving 10 to 25 years in prison for murder.
Ageing population fuels debate
Britain's growing number of elderly people could throw a spotlight on end of life issues, including euthanasia.
Alternatives at death's door
Can care for the terminally-ill provide a high enough quality of life to negate the euthanasia question?
Euthanasia debate continues
Doctors are to re-assess their attitudes towards euthanasia in light of several high-profile cases, and a perception that public opinion is shifting towards support.
A doctor's dilemma
The British Medical Association does not support voluntary euthanasia, but it acknowledges the complexities surrounding end-of-life issues.
A euthanasia glossary
A round-up of some of the terms used in the euthanasia debate.
Euthanasia in audio and video
A selection of the BBC's news reports on end-of life issues.
Euthanasia on the Internet
Some of the many sites focusing on end of life issues on the World Wide Web. The BBC is not responsible for the content of external Internet sites.
Euthanasia archive
BBC News Online's health team presents an overview of cases, rulings and practices affecting end-of-life issues as they hit the headlines.