Audio slideshow: Loving and living with Alzheimer's

The husband of American photographer and writer Judith Fox - Dr Ed Ackell - was told he had Alzheimer's Disease in 1998, three years into the couple's marriage.

Since then, Judith has watched Ed - a man who used to perform surgery and fly planes - forget how to do everyday tasks, such as make a cup of coffee or use the telephone. While caring for him at their home in California, she took photographs to capture his gradual decline.

These images - first published in Judith's book 'I Still Do' - are now being displayed in central London.

Take a look, as Judith tells her story.

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Judith Fox's work will be displayed at the Cork Street Gallery in London from Thursday 1 April to Saturday 3 April 2010. Admission free.

Images copyright Judith Fox. Music courtesy KPM Music.
Slideshow production by Paul Kerley. Publication date 1 April 2010.


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