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Cameron's son: Your tributes

Carol and Dillon Narha
Carol Nahra's son Dillon died from Ohtahara Syndrome

The death of David Cameron's eldest son has prompted BBC News website readers to offer their condolences.

Six-year-old Ivan Cameron, who had cerebral palsy and epilepsy, died at St Mary's Hospital in Paddington, London.

Here, some readers who have had similar experiences and others who have been touched by the news share their thoughts.

Our thoughts are with Nancy and Arthur Cameron on the loss of their older brother Ivan, and we hope they will be supported through their grief. Our deepest sympathy to the Cameron family. Monica McCaffrey, Director, Sibs (The UK organisation for siblings of disabled children and adults)
Monica McCaffrey

Heartfelt condolences to Ivan's family and friends. The things that David has been reported to have said about Ivan, "getting his smile back" and "beautiful eyes" will be well understood by parents in similar situations. Our son, Paul, is 31 and has Sturge Weber Syndrome leaving him with epilepsy and severe learning difficulties. He will never be able to work, live independently or even talk. Mr Cameron would do well to make the authors of Valuing People aware that children, like his Ivan, are virtually absent from that document. Does that mean that they have no value?
Chris Roper

I feel for David and his wife and their other two children.
Elizabeth Hickman, West Midlands

Firstly, my thoughts are at this moment with the Cameron family. I too am a person with epilepsy (although a different type). The news that another person, and potently a child has died as a result is upsetting and heart wrenching. A very sad day indeed.
Ady, Buckinghamshire, UK

I suffer from cerebral palsy but have had wonderful parents, siblings, friends and a special education. I am a self employed design engineer now 58-years-old. Life is good thanks to the above, but it will always be a struggle. Special thoughts to David Cameron and his brave family.
Ray Dinham, Cheddar, Somerset, UK

Please accept my condolences on what must be a difficult time for you both. I haven't lost a child but know what it is like to have epilepsy. At least now you know that Ivan is at peace with his condition and I'm sure he enjoyed the short life he had. After a period of mourning you will get back to your usual self with your other two children.
Catherine, Powys, UK

I lost a son three years ago, with the same condition, here in the US.

Frank and Timmy Eager
Frank Eager's son Timmy had Ohtahara syndrome
It is a very rare disease that makes you feel personally horrible. But you enjoy the time you have with them and you always remember them. My wife and I have been fortunate. We have an older child as well as an adopted boy and little girl of our own. It has helped ease the pain over the years but we still miss our little Timmy.
Frank Eager, Phoenix, Arizona USA

Our deepest sympathy to Mr and Mrs Cameron. Children are a gift of God and Ivan was God's gift to them. He knows that the both of them could cope with the problem because they offered him all the best in his short life span. Condolences to the family.
Yolanda O Langacake, Rizal, Philippines

Sincere condolences to the Cameron family, on the unfortunate death of their son.
Bernadette Vassallo

The grief of the parents can never be measured, the loss of a child, so much loved, is terrible to have to cope with. Mr Cameron and his wife have all my sympathy at this very difficult time. Their memories will be with them for ever, but the pain will ease over time. Move forward slowly, take each day as it comes, and you will get through.
Melanie Poole , Oxford, UK

As a student nurse I looked after two of such children (in 1975) at a hospital for learning disability (now closed). All the memories came flooding back.
Bandula Amarawardena, Radlett, UK

We are a small school who meet the needs of youngsters with complex additional needs. We were all very saddened to hear of Ivan's passing as we have experienced this all to often with our children. The articles published on the BBC site were very moving especially the intimate family photographs and the sincere tributes to Ivan's life from his family. I agree with Mr Cameron's comment about the need for respite and support for children and families with children with CLD. We send Mr and Mrs Cameron our sincere condolences
Mary Cloughley, Glasgow, UK

The pain never goes away, but it eases as the years pass
The Lambert family, South Gloucs

I feel for David and his wife and their other two children. I know first-hand what they have been and are going through at the moment as I have a grandson who was born with severe cerebral palsy who needs round-the-clock care.
Elisabeth Hickman, Tipton, West Midlands

Our beautiful girl Amy was born on 28 December 2002. She died on the 25 April 2004 aged 16 months. Amy was diagnosed with cerebral palsy around four-months-old, and because of this had difficulty eating, and had been tube-fed. She passed away, after many extended periods of time in hospital, surrounded by family and friends (her nurses and doctors) who all loved her very much, and were deeply affected by her very short life. Her big sister Clare misses her desperately, but has visits from her regularly. As her parents, we still bear the guilt of having our child die before us, but at the same time, feel extremely blessed and honoured to have had her be a part of our life, short though it was. We wish David, Samantha and their children hope and love. The pain never goes away, but it eases as the years pass.
Margaret, John and Clare Lambert, Bradley Stoke, South Gloucestershire

We do not yet know the circumstances of Ivan's death but we do know that he had severe epilepsy, among other conditions. Our thoughts are with the family and we hope that they will be given the space to grieve in private.
Aimee Bowen, Epilepsy Action

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