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'I wanted to look good in my clothes'


A tummy tuck and liposuction gave Jamie more confidence

By Siobhan Courtney
BBC News

Jamie Wishart, a 42-year-old property consultant from London, is one of a growing number of men in the UK choosing to have cosmetic surgery.

After a serious accident in his teens, Jamie's weight ballooned to over 18 stone (114kg) as he was dependent on steroids and unable to exercise.

After managing to reach 16 stone (102kg) through healthy diet and exercise, he was left with unsightly excess skin around his abdomen.

Jamie said: "I felt awful, in particular meeting clients.

"I always thought my suits didn't look right on me and it really affected my self-confidence.

"I have rolls of lose skin around my middle area and I decided to do something about it."

Research into options

Jamie carried out some research and decided that a tummy tuck (abdominoplasty) and liposuction would be one way to get rid of the excess skin on his stomach.

Dr Jag Chana, Consultant Plastic Surgeon on male tummy tucks

He chose Dr Jag Chana, a consultant plastic surgeon at Spire Bushey Hospital in Hertfordshire.

According to latest figures from the British Association of Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons. (BAAPS) more and more men are opting to have cosmetic surgery.

In 2007 the number of men choosing to have tummy tucks, a procedure most often associated with women, rose by 61% - although the total figure, of 90, is still relatively small.

Liposuction for men also increased by 18% to 582. It is now the second most popular form of cosmetic surgery for men, after rhinoplasty (nose jobs).

After a lengthy consultation, it was decided that - with a body mass index of 30 - it was safe for Jamie to undergo the five-hour combined procedure, costing 7,000.

Many not suitable

Dr Chana said many of the patients he sees in his clinic are actually not suitable to be operated on.

He stressed the decision to have liposuction or a tummy tuck was not a weight loss option.

Many people who approach him have a beer belly, which means they must first try to lose weight through diet and exercise, as the procedure is not designed to deal with a bloated physique.

Jamie's stomach before and after surgery.
I can't contemplate ever having my old body back
Jamie Wishart
Instead, it is designed for those who have had some success reducing their weight, but as a consequence find themselves with folds of excess skin.

"This is not a lunchtime nip and tuck," said Dr Chana.

"Tummy tucks and liposuction are invasive procedures. Possible risks are scarring, loss of sensation and infection to the area, but these are rare.

"Patients can normally return to work after two weeks but exercise and lifting must be avoided for at least six weeks as an abdominal corset needs to be worn to support the area."

Experts advise finding a registered surgeon that has been recommended rather than finding consultants on the internet.

They predict that this area will continue to flourish in the coming years as more and more men begin to care about their appearance.

Dr Chana said there had been a 40% increase in the amount of men having operations at his practice last year - and with more and more enquiries and interest from men he is convinced this area will continue to boom.

Following his operation, Jamie said life at 14-and-a-half stone (92kg) is very different for him today.

"I can't contemplate ever having my old body back.

"Now I get out of bed and jump into a suit and that is important to me.

"I'm sure if most blokes were honest, we all want to look good and if you can afford to take advantage of things on the market such as cosmetic surgery, why not?

"The best thing for me - and people may laugh at this - is when I get up in the morning and do my belt up, my stomach no longer hangs over the edge. I think, 'Yes, I look good and this has all been worth it'."

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