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Cheap trainers still protect feet
London Marathon 2007
In some cases, impact was cushioned better in cheaper trainers
Expensive trainers do not protect runners' feet better than cheaper ones, according to a study published in the British Journal of Sports Medicine.

Dundee University researchers asked participants to test three pairs - costing 40 to 45, 60 to 65, and 70 to 75 - made by different brands.

Electronic tests on eight areas of the sole as they walked and ran found no major differences in cushioning impact.

Impact was sometimes cushioned better in cheaper trainers, the study found.

That findings were reached after injury-causing plantar pressure - the force produced by the sole hitting the ground - was recorded as study participants used a treadmill.

The university's Professor Rami Aboud said: "We have found that neither pressure nor comfort are related to the cost of the trainers.

"It appears to be the perception of the customer that if you pay more you are going to get a better product.

"Our study has showed that is not the case."

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