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'My second fracture is worrying'
As doctors criticise standards of care for people who have fractures, one patient describes the care she received.

Margaret Sankey
Margaret Sankey has now fractured bones twice

Margaret Sankey was holidaying in Worthing two years ago when she slipped in the bathroom and fractured her pelvis.

Fortunately, she recovered quickly, discarding her zimmer frame in weeks and eventually getting back to walking without the aid of a walking stick.

Ms Sankey, who is now 91 and lives in Barnet, north London, said: "I was so pleased. You do wonder at my age what the recovery will be like but it was as good as I could have imagined."

Indeed, Ms Sankey returned to living on her own with help from social services and even got back into doing Tai Chi and her own shopping.

It is worrying that it has happened again, but I am remaining positive
Margaret Sankey

"It is important to keep active. I have always been a great believer in that."

But like the majority of patients who fracture bones, Ms Sankey was not put on drug treatment that can halve the risk of future fractures.

And on one of her shopping expeditions 10 days ago she fractured a bone for the second time.


"I was crossing the road when I slipped on the curb and fell. I was taken to hospital and they said I had fractured my hip.

"It is worrying that it has happened again, but I am remaining positive and hoping to get out soon and get back to normal.

"I will need support form social services, of course, but there is no reason why I can't go back to living on my own."

Doctors are already discussing with Ms Sankey about whether she should be put on drugs to treat osteoporosis.

Although because of her age, she has not received a formal diagnosis, average bone density for a 91-year-old is so low that she would undoubtedly be classed as having osteoporosis.

Ms Sankey said: "I was not offered drug treatment the first time, but it is something I will seriously consider this time."

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