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'I just want to be able to fill a bra'
By Jane Elliott
BBC News, health reporter

Lucy Wingate
Lucy has always hated her body shape

All of her adult life Lucy Wingate has hated her breasts.

She feels the 32AA cups are too small and unformed.

She hates anyone to see them, she even hates looking at them herself.

She stopped breast feeding her eldest child, because the whole issue of her breast size was distressing her so much.

Now Lucy, aged 26, from London, is to go for breast enhancement - thanks to a new service - Mybreast.org - which makes the UK's top plastic surgeons available at a price women like unemployed Lucy can afford.


Over the next few weeks the BBC News website will be following Lucy as she has the operation, she hopes, will change the way she feels about her body and enable her to start enjoying her shape.

As the single mother of two young children got prepared for her operation she said she couldn't wait for her operation - and had been reassured by the care taken by Mybreast.org.

I just want to fill my bra
Lucy Wingate

"I am really excited about it," she said.

"It is going to be a reality and in the past it has always seemed like a fantasy."

As Lucy reached puberty her breasts started to form at the same stage as her friends, but then they just stopped developing.

Although she takes a double A cup, her breasts are too flat to fill it.

And at 17 her breast size started becoming a serious concern.

"Then one day when I went into a lingerie shop I saw they had things that you could put into bras to fill them - they now call them 'chicken fillets'.

"I got some and never wear a bra without them.

"I won't even wear halter neck tops because I would have to go out without a bra and I hate my shape.

"People say 'you are lucky to be small,' but I hate it.

"When I lie on my back my breast disappear and I look as flat as an ironing board."


When Lucy was 20 she became pregnant with her first child and her breast filled out, and she loved what she saw as 'more womanly curves'.

For years I've met too many women who have been poorly advised on their breast augmentation
Ivan Foo
Consultant plastic surgeon

But after birth she was flatter than before.

"It is not fair, I have never been one of those people who wanted to go to a double D, or look like a glamour model. I just want to fill my bra."

Lucy, who has already had two consultations with the Mybreast.org team plans to be either a 32B or C.

Her GP recommended the service to Lucy after exploring the possibility of NHS treatment, and she now aims to raise the cash needed with a loan.

"I feel now the time is right. I split up last year from my ex-partner after 10 years," she said.

"I feel ready to go through with it and I feel that this is a good time in my life to do it."

'My breast' was launched in January this year in a bid to ensure women get the best possible treatments from the best possible medics.

All the participants are members of the British Association of Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons (BAAPS).

The set fee of 4,250 covers surgery, hospital costs and post-operative care.

Some surgery in London with other organisations can cost as much as 7,000.

Alternative to foreign trip

The plastic surgeons involved in Mybreast.org decided to set up the scheme to make good safe breast surgery more affordable and to deter women from going abroad for cheaper, but sometimes less reliable alternatives.

A spokesman for Mybreast.org said the breast implant manufacturers and hospitals had been keen to help provide the service and so had offered them competitive rates, meaning the surgeons only needing to cut their rates slightly.

Ivan Foo is a consultant plastic surgeon signed up to the project.

He said: "For years I've met too many women who have been poorly advised on their breast augmentation, often by sales people with no surgical experience, and left disappointed by the results achieved by a surgeon they've sometimes never even meet until they go under anaesthesia."

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