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Sleep disorder creates 'Mr Hyde'
Derek Rogers in the sleep clinic
Derek can lash out in his sleep
A quiet night's sleep is not an option for Derek Rogers or his wife - because he turns from a mild-mannered "Dr Jekyll" by day to a "Mr Hyde" by night.

Mr Rogers, 70, from Bedford, has a rare sleep disorder which causes him to become violent when he sleep-walks.

He has destroyed furniture, attacked his wife and injured himself during the night - but remembers nothing.

Doctors at Papworth Hospital have found a drug which has successfully treated Mr Rogers' "unique" condition.

He is definitely unique in Britain and probably in Europe
Dr John Shneerson, Papworth Hospital

Since he developed the condition in 1998, Mr Rogers has visited casualty up to three times a week.

He has broken his nose, fractured his ribs and split his head open.

South-African born Mr Rogers tried six different treatments before he was referred to the sleep clinic at Papworth Hospital in Cambridge.

He said: "I am not violent - I do not swear or curse and I can't believe what I do at night."

His wife Linda has had to sleep in a different room to avoid her husband lashing out.

Doctors at Papworth decided to try a new 13,000 a year drug mix, which acts to break the circuit between the sleeping brain and muscles in the body.

Mr Rogers said: "Some people have a glass of whisky before going to bed. I just have a potion."

Dr John Shneerson, the director of the sleep clinic, said: "Quite aside from the physical side, the apprehension of what he was going to do at night was a difficult thing to live with.

"He is definitely unique in Britain and probably in Europe."

Mr Roger's story will be featured on Sleep Clinic on BBC 1 on Monday 26 March.

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