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Last Updated: Wednesday, 10 January 2007, 12:08 GMT
League table of IVF clinics
The Human Fertilisation and Embryology Authority (HFEA) has published a league table of the UK's fertility clinics based on their performance.

Clinics were marked according to their "compliance" with several categories including: risk management, the safety of equipment and procedures, staff competence, the quality of patient information and arrangements for donor selection.

The ideal score is 0.

Clinic Score Clinic Score Clinic Score
Aberdeen Fertility Centre -7 Cromwell IVF and Fertility Centre, Swansea -15 Regional Fertility Centre Belfast -9
ACU Sandy Lane, Newcastle -14 Derby City General Hospital -13 Reproductive Genetics Institute (no HFEA licence) -34
Andrology Unit Hammersmith Hospital -7 Edinburgh Assisted Conception Unit -3 Royal Surrey County Hospital -7
ARGC, London -29 Esperance -1 Salisbury Fertility Centre -1
Assisted Conception Unit, St James' University Hospital, Leeds -5 Essex Fertility Centre -1 Shirley Oaks Hospital -3
Barts and the London Fertility Centre -7 Glasgow Nuffield Hospital -11 Shropshire and Mid-Wales Fertility Centre -8
Birmingham Women's Hospital -2 Glasgow Royal Infirmary -8 South East Fertility Centre -4
Bishop Auckland General Hospital -6 Gloucester Hospitals NHS Trust -6 South West Centre for Reproductive Medicine -12
BMI Chelsfield Park -13 -13 Hull IVF Centre 21 -10 St Jude's Women -1
BMI The Chaucer Hospital -1 ISIS Fertility Centre, Colchester 0 St Mary's Hospital, Manchester 0
Bourn Hall, Cambridgeshire -2 IVF Hammersmith -4 Subfertility Unit, James Paget Healthcare NHS Trust -9
Brentwood Fertility -17 James Cook University Hospital, Cleveland -9 Sunderland Fertility Centre -3
Bridge Centre Cryoservices, London -5 King's College London -9 The Bridge Centre, London -12
Burton Hospitals NHS Trust -7 Leicester Fertility Centre -7 The Chiltern Hospital Fertility Services Unit, Bucks -3
Cardiff Assisted Conception Unit -13 Liverpool Women's Hospital -14 The Christie Hospital NHS Trust 0
CARE Manchester -13 London Female and Male Fertility Centre -7 The Fertility unit, Peterborough District Hospital -1
CARE Northampton -4 London Fertility Centre -5 The Harley Street Fertility Centre -11
CARE Nottingham 0 London Women's Clinic -22 The Homerton Hospital, London -13
CARE Sheffield -8 Louis Hughes -10 The Lister Hospital, London -8
Centre for Assisted Reproduction Gateshead -7 Manchester Fertility Services -8 The Princess Anne Hospital Fertility Services, Southampton -5
Centre for Reproductive Medicine and Fertility Sheffield -3 North East London Fertility Services -3 The Reproductive Medicine Unit, UCH, London -16
Centre for Reproductive Medicine Coventry -3 North West Wales Fertility Centre -12 The Rosie Hospital, Cambridge -7
Chelsea and Westminster Hospital -13 Origin Fertility Centre, Belfast -6 The Winterbourne Hospital, Dorset -19
Clarendon Wing Leeds -8 Oxford Fertility Unit -5 The Woking Nuffield Hospital -5
CRM University of Bristol -3 Peninsular Centre for Reproductive Medicine -12 Wessex Fertility Limited -12
Cromwell IVF and Fertility Centre, Darlington -3 Queen Mary's Hospital -2 Willow Suite, Thames Valley Nuffield Hospital 0
Source: HFEA

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