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Spanish woman 'is oldest mother'
Pregnant woman (file image)
The Spanish woman had received fertility treatment
A 67-year-old Spanish woman is reported to have given birth to twins according to hospital officials in Barcelona, becoming the world's oldest mother.

The woman, whose name has not been revealed, became pregnant after fertility treatment in Latin America.

She gave birth to the twins, who have been placed in an incubator, by caesarean section early on Saturday.

It was the woman's first birth and she is expected to spend a few days in the Sant Pau hospital recovering.

A spokesman for the hospital, which specialises in high-risk births, said that both the mother and her babies were doing well.

The woman is one year older than Romanian Adriana Iliescu who gave birth in January 2005 to a baby girl.

She too had been pregnant with twins but one of her babies died in the womb.

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