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Last Updated: Tuesday, 21 November 2006, 13:35 GMT
TV diet guru rapped by regulator
Gillian McKeith
Gillian McKeith presents a popular TV series
A firm fronted by TV diet guru Gillian McKeith has been censured by regulators for selling herbal sex aids.

Fast Formula Wild Pink and Fast Formula Horny have already been taken off the shelves after the Medicines and Healthcare Regulatory Agency ruling.

The regulator said McKeith Research Ltd was advertising and selling medical goods without authorisation.

A spokesman for the firm said they were happy to comply with the ruling after EU laws had changed.

He added: "Laws are changing all the time. This is what happened in this case and, therefore, we took the products off sale."

Sex drive

The MHRA determined both products were medicines because of the presence of some well-known medicinal herbs and claims made by the firm.

Both the products promise to boost sex drive and tackle sexual dysfunction.

Only licensed medicines can be advertised to the public.

MHRA official David Carter said: "Companies which place products on the market have a clear duty to ensure that those products comply with all relevant legislation."

Ms McKeith, 47, is most famous as the face of TV series You Are What You Eat in which she takes people to task for their dietary habits.

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