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'I have washed my hands of the NHS'
Sally Bussingham
Sally Bussingham says she was disappointed by the NHS care
Mental health problems among the young are rising.

But the British Medical Association says services are not equipped to deal with the increasing demand.

Sally Bussingham had suffered depression for years and in her early teens started self-harming and developing eating problems.

But it was not until she saw a film on TV about anorexia and bulimia when she was 15 that she realised she had a mental health problem.

Ms Bussingham, 21, from Barnsley, South Yorkshire, said: "I didn't know much about it, but suddenly it clicked. I started doing some research on the Internet and found out some more information and decided to go to the doctor."

But despite appealing for help, she was left frustrated by the support given to her by the NHS.

I have just had to be strong and learn to cope with the episodes
Sally Bussingham

"At first I was told I had depression and given counselling and medication. But it was more complex than that.

"People kept asking if I had been abused and telling me what I need to do. But the truth is that it is genetic on my mother's side.

"I have seen GPs, nurses, counsellors and psychiatric consultants, but none of them have been any help.

"They have not taken the time to find out about my problems. I have now given up on the NHS."

Instead, Ms Bussingham, who works as a design consultant, said she has learnt to cope on her own.

"I have just had to be strong and learn to cope with the episodes. I know they won't go away but I try to manage them.

"I am also seeing a private psychiatric therapists to try to understand more, but I won't be going back to the NHS."

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