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Last Updated: Wednesday, 17 May 2006, 09:24 GMT 10:24 UK
Cricketer's hair ad breached code
Shane Warne
The Australian cricketer appeared in a press advert
A hair treatment company which used an endorsement from Australian cricketer Shane Warne breached advertising rules, the industry watchdog has said.

Advanced Hair Studio breached rules by using a celebrity to endorse a treatment involving a medicine, the Advertising Standards Authority found.

The hair product firm denies the breach and says it will "robustly appeal".

It argues Warne was promoting the firm, not the particular laser therapy treatment containing drug minoxidil.

'Chanting baldy'

In the press advert Warne is pictured under a headline reading "Advanced Hair, Yeah, Yeah!" - followed by the phrase "Warnie, Warnie, Warnie."

He then says: "I've been hearing it for years but to me I've always taken it as a warning.

"And that warning was that if I didn't do something about my hair loss they may well have been chanting baldy!"

After investigating complaints about the advert, the ASA said: "We concluded that the ad breached the code over the use of a celebrity endorsement for a treatment that involved medicine."

The Advanced Hair Studio was warned not to mention the laser treatment in future adverts featuring the Australian cricketing star.


It says Warne's testimonial refers to the Advanced Hair Studio service in general and did not make any specific reference to the laser treatment.

Its founder and managing director Carl Howell said: "In our adverts cricket legend Shane Warne promotes our company rather than any particular treatment.

"Minoxidil, the medicine that the ASA has ruled he is promoting as part of our Advanced Laser Therapy treatment, comprises just 5% of our business."

Several celebrity endorsements, including ones from Warne, appear on the company's website, but as these are considered part of editorial content rather than an advert they are outside the ASA's remit.

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