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'The state should pay something'
Toni and John Draycon
John Draycon is angry his mother pays 100% of her care home cost
Elderly people must be guaranteed a minimum level of state-funded social care, the government has been told.

The report, by senior advisor Sir Derek Wanless, says the existing means-testing system should be scrapped.

John Draycon's mother Toni was forced to sell her house when she moved into a care home after a fall three years ago.

He told the BBC News website he thinks the existing system is unfair.

It really annoys me that she has to pay the full amount
John Draycon

"While mum was in hospital being treated after the fall, she was showing signs of losing her memory a little bit.

"They examined her and found she was in the early stages of senile dementia.

"It was decided it was unsafe for her to go home, where she lived alone, and that she needed residential care."

'Thriftiness penalised'

Toni and John were told that the family would have to foot 100% of the costs of the care home - which work out at 1,400 a month.

John said he has no concerns about the quality of care at the home, Ectonbrook Elderly Person's Home in Northampton.

"My mum's extremely happy where she is. And she's looked after extremely well.

"But it really annoys me that she has to pay the full amount. I think it's wrong.

"We should all have to make a contribution to our care when we grow old.

"But the state should pay some of it.

"Some people who have gone through life, and haven't owned a house, get it all from the state.

"But if you've been thrifty and put money into a house, you don't."

Mr Draycon has taken out an annuity of 51,000, which will pay half his mother's fees

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