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Timeline: Frozen embryos
A look at events in the case of Natallie Evans who has lost her latest legal battle to be allowed to use frozen embryos against her former fiance's wishes.

April 2007 Grand Chamber of the European Court rejects the appeal. Natallie Evans said she was devastated, but Howard Johnston said "common sense had prevailed".

March 2006 Ms Evans hears the court has ruled against her, and says she will seek leave to appeal to the Grand Chamber of the European Court.

September 2005 The European Court hears her case.

February 2005 Ms Evans lodges an appeal with the European Court of Human Rights.

November 2004 Law Lords refuse her permission to take her case to the House of Lords.

June 2004 The Appeal Court also rules Ms Evans cannot use the embryos without Mr Johnston's consent.

January 2004 Ms Evans seeks leave to appeal against the High Court judgement.

October 2003 The High Court rules against Ms Evans and Mrs Hadley. Mrs Hadley decides to end her legal battle, but Ms Evans vows to continue.

June 2003 Ms Evans, and another woman Lorraine Hadley, from Baswich, Staffordshire, go to the High Court seeking permission to use frozen embryos against their exes wishes.

Summer 2002 Mr Johnston, who lives in Gloucester, writes to the Bath clinic storing the embryos asking for them to be destroyed after the couple had split.

November 2001 Eleven eggs are produced and fertilised, resulting in six embryos which are frozen and placed in storage.

October 2001 Ms Evans, from Trowbridge, Wiltshire, is diagnosed with ovarian cancer, and is offered a cycle of IVF treatment before treatment because her fertility will be affected.

June 2000 Ms Evans and Mr Johnston, who have been together a year, become engaged.

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