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'I'm determined to have my baby'
Natallie Evans
Natallie Evans has been hoping to use the embryos since 2001
Natallie Evans, left infertile after cancer treatment, has said she is determined to use frozen embryos to have her own child.

She has lost the latest round of her battle to be allowed to use the embryos after her ex-partner Howard Johnston withdrew his consent.

She said: "I'm still as determined to do whatever it takes to be allowed to try for a child of my own using my stored embryos."

Ms Evans has said she will seek another legal hearing, in front of the Grand Chamber of the European Court of Human Rights, but she issued another appeal to her ex to resolve the issue away from the courts.

Just let me have what I want
Natallie Evans

"Howard may feel it is too late for him to change his mind but it is not.

"Howard, please think about it. Just let me have what I want.

Six embryos were created for the couple in 2001.

But Mr Johnston withdrew his consent for the embryos to be implanted after the couple separated.

Celebration hope

However, Ms Evans say they represent her last chance to have a baby which is genetically hers.

Under UK laws, the embryos must be destroyed in October this year.

In a statement following the judgement, Ms Evans said: "I was very disappointed to learn of the judgment this morning.

"I had hoped that today would be a day for me to celebrate.

"I had really hoped that the Strasbourg decision would be an end to what I have gone through over the last four years."

Ms Evans said she objected to Mr Johnston's position that he had a right to decide if and when he had a family.

"He is preventing me from having one."

And she said she would not stop.

"This has been going on for four years. I am not giving up. If I was going to give up, I would have done so at the first hurdle."

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