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Last Updated: Tuesday, 19 April, 2005, 12:59 GMT 13:59 UK
Lesbian couple want 'rare IVF'
A baby
Lesbian couples have had babies through IVF before
A lesbian is hoping to have a child using an egg donated by her partner, and donor sperm.

Lesbian couples regularly have babies using IVF treatment, but it is rare for a partner to donate an egg in such a way.

Most simply use donor sperm to inseminate one partner.

Hayley Marlow, 29, and Vicky Hill, 22, both from Banbury, said they wanted to have a baby this way so that the baby "truly came from both of them".

The couple who have been together for just over a year, have spoken to their GP about their plans, but have not yet been referred to a consultant.

We hope we will get some of the treatment on the NHS but it is still going to cost a lot of money
Hayley Marlow

Ms Marlow told the Oxford Mail: "A lot of lesbians do have children using male friends as sperm donors but we want a baby that has truly come from both of us and the only way to do that is by me carrying Vicky's baby."

Ms Marlow, who has a daughter aged five from a heterosexual relationship, added that the couple wanted to go through the procedure in order to "complete our family".

"We hope we will get some of the treatment on the NHS but it is still going to cost a lot of money.

"We have been told that the consultations alone will cost 150 each," she added.

Welfare check

A spokesman for the Human Fertilisation and Embryology Authority said there was nothing barring lesbian couples from having IVF.

"The couple would need to have a welfare of child check to make sure they can provide a stable environment for the child.

"It would be up to their doctor to do this and determine whether they can have the treatment."

It is thought unlikely the couple would be able to have the IVF on the NHS as people are required to prove they have fertility problems.

A spokesman for Pink Parents, a charity which provides support for gay couple starting a family, said: "Most clinics are not keen on performing this procedure because there is less chance of success when transferring eggs from one female to another."

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