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'I'm changing my life to lose weight'
Person being measured
Chantelle Gill hit 15 stone after eating junk food on a regular basis
A leaked report has warned of the obesity timebomb awaiting the UK, after the number of obese children doubled in 20 years.

Chantelle Gill, 17, is one teenager who has been battling with her weight.

Chantelle used to eat junk food on a regular basis and before she knew it, she was 15 stone (95kg).

"I have never been really massive or bullied about my weight.

"But I used to get upset because I wasn't like the rest of my friends," she told BBC News Online.

"They would always look really nice in low-cut tops and I would always find myself wearing baggy tops and covering myself up."

I used to get upset because I wasn't like the rest of my friends

Chantelle would begin the day by skipping breakfast and eating regular snacks in school.

"Snacking was the main problem. I could have three main meals and it didn't fill me up so I would still feel hungry and find myself snacking.

"My mum would have plenty of healthy things in the house but I would find myself going for something like a sandwich covered in mayonnaise.

"I would eat pretty much whatever I wanted.

'Fat camp'

"When I was in school, I ate a lot of snacks. At break time I would have a bag of crisps and a sausage roll and at dinner time I would eat a burger and have crisps as well.

"After school I would have tea and I tended to be OK. It was just during the day-time that I would get really hungry."

It is worse in winter when there is nothing to do. You get bored and find yourself eating
Chantelle Gill
Then three years ago, Chantelle was put in touch with the Carnegie International Weight Loss Camp run by Leeds Metropolitan University.

Chantelle would spend six weeks away from home at the camp where a dietician would ensure that she would stick to a low-calorie diet.

This included three square meals a day and fruit snacks in between.

Ever since then she has worked hard to change her lifestyle and keep her weight down.

"When I went to camp it really helped me and I felt a lot better about myself. We did a lot of exercise which was great because I really love sport and I loved the talent discos.

"At camp I would lose lots of weight and it wasn't a problem.

"But even now when I return home I am back to normal life and it is much more difficult not to eat.

"It always depends on the mood I am in.


"It is worse in winter when there is nothing to do. You get bored and find yourself eating.

"When I'm down I find myself eating more too. It is a comfort thing.

"But I am finding it easier. I am changing my lifestyle and I feel a lot fitter now.

"I have always been fairly confident within myself because I have a lot of friends. It was just upsetting not looking like them.

"But I'm not like that anymore. I don't cover myself up now."

Chantelle is training to be a member of staff at the camp and she will be working as a coach when she returns in the summer.

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