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'I took my teeth out with pliers'
George Daulat
Mr Daulat said he couldn't stand the pain any longer
When George Daulat could not find a dentist to treat his agonising toothache, he took matters into his own hands.

The Scarborough man's DIY dental treatment involved vodka - and a pair of rusty pliers.

He was able to extract three teeth - but he had to give up on a fourth.

Mr Daulat told the York Evening Press it was too difficult to remove: "I tugged and tugged, but I had to leave it half way out."

He decided to go-ahead with the home dental treatment after he and his girlfriend had called around 20 NHS and private dental surgeries in a bid to get an appointment.

In February, Scarborough's dental shortage came to national attention after hundreds of people queued for hours when a new NHS dental practice opened.

It was revealed some people in the town were having to travel to Leeds or Middlesbrough for a simple check-up or filling.

'It was agonising'

Mr Daulat, who is unemployed, performed his home dentistry two weeks ago.

If he had rung here at 8.30am he would have had an appointment that day
John Carney, Scarborough's emergency dental clinic
He told the Yorkshire Evening Press: "It was the hardest and most horrible thing I have ever done, but I was desperate.

"I had a pair of pliers - they were a bit old and rusty, but I knew they would do the job."

He added: "I bought a bottle of vodka because there was no way I could have done it sober.

"I thought it would dull the pain - but I was so wrong. It was agonising."

But dentists from Scarborough's emergency dental clinic said Mr Daulat could have been treated, if he had called early enough.

The centre's John Carney said he was shocked at Mr Daulat's experience.

He added: "If he had rung here at 8.30am, he would have had an appointment that day. It's as simple as that."

New NHS dentist for problem town
12 Aug 04  |  North Yorkshire

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