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Last Updated: Thursday, 2 September, 2004, 11:19 GMT 12:19 UK
Coma patient's 'shock pregnancy'
Image of Joanne and Luke
Joanne is delighted to be a mum
A woman who thought she could not have children woke from a coma to discover she had given birth to a baby boy.

Joanne Roberts, 32, thought she was unable to conceive after being injured in a car crash as a teenager.

But as she lay unconscious at Whiston Hospital following a seizure, doctors discovered she was pregnant and her baby's life was in danger.

They performed an emergency Caesarean section. Joanne woke up several days later and met her new son, Luke.

Until I was out of the coma I had no idea I was pregnant
New mum Joanne Roberts

Joanne, from St Helens in Merseyside, said she was shocked when she found out.

"I thought someone was pulling my leg and dumping their baby on me.

"Until I was out of the coma I had no idea I was pregnant."

She said she was delighted to be a new mum.

"It's lovely. It's really nice. I'd never really thought about having a family before," she said.

Joanne had been unwell for some days before and thought she had tonsillitis. She fell into a coma after having a fit at her home.

'Fantastic' staff

She was rushed to hospital where doctors discovered she was pregnant and suffering from a condition called pre-eclampsia which can threaten the life of both the baby and the mother.

The doctors decided to deliver Luke early by Caesarean.

He weighed 4lb and 1oz and needed to be revived by the delivering doctors.

Joanne's mother Jennifer said the whole family was grateful to the hospital for picking up Joanne's condition so quickly.

"The staff were fantastic. We were all so worried. It was just terrible.

"I just prayed for Joanne's life, then when she woke up in intensive care and said her dad would kill her I knew she had no brain damage and would be OK.

"Both Joanne and Luke have been very, very lucky," she said.

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