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Last Updated: Thursday, 26 August, 2004, 04:39 GMT 05:39 UK
Women urged to cut alcohol intake
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The advert features a spoof cosmetic advertisement
Women are being warned they risk damaging their looks through excessive drinking, in a new campaign.

The Portman Group, which promotes responsible alcohol consumption, is launching the campaign to tackle the growing problem of binge-drinking.

Posters and postcards featuring spoof cosmetic images will be distributed in pubs and coffee shops from next month.

Women are being advised to drink no more than two to three units per day compared with three to four for men.


The campaign warns women who binge-drink may gain weight, suffer broken veins under the skin's surface, and bloodshot eyes.

It adds they risk injuring themselves while drunk, will smell of alcohol and are more vulnerable to alcohol-related illnesses than men.

The group is using an image of a spoof cosmetic called Masq Creme de Regret and a bottle with a logo of a woman holding her head while vomiting, to get the message across.

Jean Coussins, chief executive of The Portman Group, said: "The facts speak for themselves: among young women aged 16 to 24, the proportion drinking more than 35 units per week has more than tripled, rising from 3% in 1998 to 10% in 2002.

"Binge-drinking plays havoc with your skin as it dehydrates.

"Drinking too much also interrupts your beauty sleep which means you may not look your best the next day."


Support group Alcohol Concern welcomed the new campaign, but it said more needed to be done to prevent women binge-drinking.

Geethika Jayatilaka, director of policy and public affairs, said: "The Portman Group's campaign is clearly a good idea and more public awareness needs raising. But it is not enough on its own.

"Women are being targeted by retailers and alcohol producers more than ever before, in specific ways - be it by targeting their appearance or image.

"If the industry wants to be serious about making women drink at less harmful levels, they need to embrace that problem too and not just launch this campaign."

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