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Last Updated: Wednesday, 11 February, 2004, 06:00 GMT
'It's changed my life'
Rose eats more healthily now
Leading doctors have issued fresh calls for action to tackle the growing problem of obesity.

Here Rose Broadhead tells BBC News Online how a lifestyle clinic at her local surgery in Wakefield, helped her live more healthily.

It's helped my pain, and I don't feel as exhausted now
Rose Broadhead
Rose, 53, was suffering from severe arthritis which was affecting her mobility.

"I asked the doctor if the lifestyle clinic could help me lose weight, and if that would help my arthritis.

"Things have been getting increasingly worse over the last four years.

Clothes shopping

"I first went to the clinic in September last year. The practice nurse talked to me about diet, she gave me a blood test and checked my blood pressure.

"Just knowing I could eat anything - in moderation - was great. I just have smaller portions now.

"I also drink lots of water now instead of pop. I was drinking diet drinks, and I thought that was all right.

"I also try to exercise, though I can only do a bit.

"In the last four months, I've lost two and a half stone.

"The clinic has changed my life. I feel much better.

"I feel like going out more and I've gone down a few dress sizes - I'm now a size 16 - so now I like to go out and go shopping for clothes.

"It's helped my pain, and I don't feel as exhausted now.

"I just can't believe I can eat so much and still lose weight."

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