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'We desperately want a girl'
Nicole and Louise Masterton
The Mastertons want another daughter
Alan and Louise Masterton, from Monifieth, near Dundee, desperately want another daughter.

They have criticised the Human Fertilisation & Embryology Authority's decision not to allow British parents to choose the sex of their baby.

Alan explains why they want to use science to ensure they have a girl.

"My wife and myself have four sons. In 1995, we were blessed with the arrival of a daughter, Nicole, after a wait of 15 years.

"In 1999, Nicole suffered 85% third degree burns and as a result of that she died some 61 days later.

"Six months after we had lost her, we thought we would maybe like to have another child.

The attempts we have had to date have been unsuccessful
"Louise was going to have to undergo an IVF procedure because she had been sterilised after Nicole was born.

"Given our ages and the fact that Louise was going to have to undergo IVF anyway, we investigated the additional IVF procedure of pre-gender diagnosis which would have ensured another female child for our family.

"We were not trying to replace Nicole. If we were trying to replace anything it was the female element that that precious child brought to our family.

"Parents who have both genders know exactly what we are trying to say here.

"Nicole brought a whole different aspect to our family.

"Her interaction with the boys, her interaction with myself and indeed with Louise was completely different as a female child from the experience we had with the boys.

"Girls are different to boys. It was just that female difference.

"This isn't a want. This is a need that we have.

'Female element'

"We had a daughter for four years almost. What we tried to do was bring that female element back to our family.

"Surely, it is incumbent on every parent to do what they can for their family, what they think is best for their family.

We were not trying to replace Nicole
"That is essentially what myself and Louise have tried to do.

"The attempts we have had to date have been unsuccessful.

"If you have enough money you can go to most countries in the world and have this done.

"We cannot have it done in our own country. Therefore, it costs more.

"The people who cannot afford to go abroad just do not have a choice."

Baby gender selection ruled out
12 Nov 03 |  Health

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