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Last Updated: Thursday, 28 November, 2002, 16:31 GMT
Tumour Diary: Tying the knot
BBC News Online Science and Technology writer Ivan Noble was diagnosed with a malignant brain tumour in August.

He has been charting his progress in a weekly column.

I married my partner on Saturday.

We have had a very eventful two-and-a-bit years together and just before I was diagnosed, we decided to get married and try to lead quieter lives together.

I am very grateful that she decided to go ahead with the wedding.

I am a very lucky man to enjoy her support and company and it was a pleasure to be able to tell her so in front of so many family and friends.

I almost managed to get to the end of my speech without my voice cracking.

Our daughter had a whale of a time, grinning merrily at all the cameras and objecting only to our attempts to put flowers in her hair just before we walked up the aisle with her.

Getting married is inevitably connected with looking forward and it is a tough thing to do when the future is such an unpredictable thing
In all the conversations that followed the ceremony, the subject of my health came up mercifully rarely.

Just as I did last week, I felt that I had managed to steal more time away from my condition.

My wife, as she is now, is much more of a private person than I am, so for that reason the only picture here is of me.

No honeymoon

I think however that I would not be breaching my commitment to objectivity and to her privacy by saying that she looked absolutely fantastic.

Her wish for privacy is also the reason why I have not written more in previous weeks about how she is coping.

I took the decision to write this diary together with her and I promised her then that I would respect her privacy in what I wrote.

Now that the wedding is over, she needs to get on with her work and we still have family staying with us so we are not planning a honeymoon.

I feel like I would have a hard time coping with another trip even if we did have the time.

I start another round of chemotherapy next week and, if the last time was anything to go by, I am in for another week of sleep.


After that we need to think about how and where to celebrate our daughter's first Christmas.

Getting married is inevitably connected with looking forward and it is a tough thing to do when the future is such an unpredictable thing.

There are no guarantees for any married couple but there are especially few certainties for us.

But the wedding has reminded us of how much support and goodwill we have behind us.

It has also reminded me of how much I enjoy the company of my friends and family and how much of a lift that is when times are hard.

Your e-mails to Ivan.

Happy events will motivate you. Once motivated, you will wake up happy in the morning no matter all the bitter facts and once feeling happy, you will always see the bright side of the sun. I hope God will help you win this battle. Your wife is one of these blessings. My heart is with you and your family.
Gulben, Turkey

Congratulations to you, Ivan and the brand-new Mrs.Noble :-) I'm so glad you guys found each other. In today's world, true love is precious and rarer still. Keep the good work flowing and all the best for a happy, peaceful and long married life together,you two!
Karen, Malaysia

You are "connected with looking forward", congratulations!
Vinh, London, UK

First, my heartiest congratulations! Second, I can't help but notice that you have the same strange patch of hair left on your forehead as I do. E-mail me if you would like a photo. Godspeed you on your journey!
Dan, USA

Reading your column reminded me exactly why I want to be a doctor
Rachael, England
I've just applied for a medicine course to be a doctor. Reading your column reminded me exactly why I want to be a doctor, and I was truly touched by your words. Don't give up hope, cancer can take away a lot of things but it can't take away your spirit if you don't let it. You have a lot of people thinking about you, myself included.
Rachael, England

Please keep trying, you are helping everyone, not just yourself. We're in there with you!
Douglas Fear, Germany

I have a two-year-old cousin with cancer. I can't believe the ordeal his little body has been through already, and must still face in the days, weeks, and months ahead. But, through it all, his sweet nature, and the incredibly positive nature of his parents shine through. I believe their attitude has made a huge impact on their little boy's quality of life. What a lovely, POSITIVE thing you have done, by getting married. Best wishes for you both and your daughter too!!
J. Moore, American in the UK

Ivan, I came across your column by mistake a few weeks ago. I took all the pages home with me and read them all in one night. I am not ashamed to admit that on more than one occasion I had a lump in my throat. After reading about your wonderful marriage, I now have another lump in my throat! You really are something special. You are blessed with a wonderful wife and daughter, and they are blessed to have you. Best of luck for the future, mate, I am thinking of you. Cheers!
Ian, Chichester, West Sussex, England

I don't want to know about the bad bits, just the good bits
Louise, Birmingham, UK
I thought the bottom had fallen out of my world when my aunt was diagnosed with cancer recently. She is a young aunt and has been my role model forever; I have even dyed my hair in an attempt to copy her. I am ashamed to admit that I have been hiding from the whole truth of her condition. In my heart, I am positive. I am simply not giving her the option that this might be her last Christmas. But somehow I still cannot bring myself to call her for updates. I don't want to know about the bad bits, just the good bits. I have not called her for two months, but your column has inspired me to muster my bravery and use it to stand by her. Thank you for giving me the confidence to face it and call.
Louise, Birmingham, UK

Visualise your future and it will come to pass. Your positive attitude will keep you alive. I had a brain tumour removed one year ago and now am happy to spend every day with my darling British husband and our beautiful two year old daughter. I send you love and light.
Trudy, USA

Congratulations on the wedding... do all your readers get a slice of cake?
Gary, Scotland

I believe the positive will of a lot of people can be very powerful - just think - you have possibly millions of net users thinking positive thoughts for you! We're with you all the way mate.
Pinkle, UK

You bring tears to my eyes every week as I look forward to your diary and positive progress. As a young father of two I appreciate the utmost feelings of survival. Hope everything goes well next week.
Paul, UK

We are taking the plunge and not looking back
Helen, UK
Congratulations Ivan and wife! My boyfriend and I are planning our wedding, we are going to announce our engagement at Christmas (cheesy I know). He is still in hospital following an op for a malignant pancreatic tumour. He will have chemo in January as there are 'residual cells' left behind. He is 31 and was diagnosed two months after my Dad was with lung cancer. So we are taking the plunge and not looking back and probably not looking forward too much either! Thanks for your inspirational column.
Helen, UK

Hello Ivan. How soon will you know whether the treatment is working? I want to be able to stop worrying about you...
Lisa Remmer, UK

May God grant you long life to enjoying your marriage. Your step of faith will not be in vain.
Waltonio Percival-Deigh, Nigeria

How wonderful to marry the woman you love and to have your daughter there as well. That in itself is a glorious thing. A marriage is a brilliant, wonderful achievement. I wish you both the very best of all your dreams.
Mel, London

Happiness attracts many other positive aspects that make a person a healthy living being, in spite of what he or she is enduring. Remember it's not about how long you live but how long you are determined to be happy and make all those around you happy as well, your daughter being one of those. And of course your wife, as she is now.
Osho, Namibia

Looking very dapper in the photo! We all have so much to live for, that even when it seems that our own bodies are conspiring against us, we still have to fight, as you are doing. My sister died of Sudden Unexplained Death in Epilepsy (SUDEP) three years ago and I was letting myself get depressed until I read your column. It's easy to see now that the best way to remember her is to fight on and live a good life. Live a good life Ivan. With love,
Una Begley, Ireland

You're helping me have the right words to say
Tam, Australia
One of my year nine students was diagnosed with a brain tumour last week. Thanks for writing this diary; you're helping me have the right words to say. You are in my prayers.
Tam, Australia

You are a living proof of the idea that, in the words of Yogi Berra, "It ain't over 'til it's over." You are living life fully in a way that represents the best in us. As a disabled woman, I find your approach quietly heroic, not denying fear, but refusing to give it free rein. God bless you both.
Cheryl Davis, USA

Good luck to you Ivan!! I occasionally read your column and I have the utmost respect for you. Most of all you have shown us that even serious conditions don't have to stop us living our lives. Keep going mate - you deserve it.
Ben, UK

Good people are hard to find these days
Sabina Jabry, UK
Congratulations! Good people are hard to find these days and you seem to have found perfect partners in each other no matter what.
Sabina Jabry, UK

Congratulations on your wedding. When I was diagnosed with colon cancer I did not appreciate how catastrophic it was on my wife. Suddenly she feared that her vision of the future was to be changed forever. I am now seven years down the road and if I say I have a tummy ache or any other irritating transient pain she is all for me calling the doctor. Once you are cured, remember there is someone worrying more than you.
Dave Draper, England

Your column about your wedding really touched my heart, especially as my husband and I are very much looking forward to celebrating our second anniversary on Monday. We hope your treatment will enable you to celebrate your anniversary for many years.
Sam and James Berrington UK

Good luck!
Kev, UK
Congratulations on your wedding. As you rightly say this is a forward looking commitment and it seems from your diaries that the future is something you're not afraid to look at. I hope the next bout of treatment goes well. Good luck!
Kev, UK

What fantastic news! Here's wishing you and your partner, and your daughter a very long lifetime of love, happiness and laughter.
Jo, UK

Congratulations on your recent wedding. Keep looking forward and good luck for next week, try to remember your happiest moments when things are really awful. Finally, have a wonderful first Christmas with your daughter and your new wife. Keep smiling you have a marvellous outlook on life, well done.
Susan Denner, Wales

There's always something to come out of the negative
Barbara McC, UK
I came upon your diary by chance and was very touched by what you had to say. There's always something to come out of the negative and for you it seems to have been the realisation of what is important in your life. Your wife sounds a very special woman - I admire her desire for privacy. I wish you and your family all the very best.
Barbara McC, UK

Many, many congratulations to both of you and to your daughter! Wonderful news, all the very, very best.
Michael Hessian, England

Firstly, congratulations on your marriage. Secondly, congratulations on being you. Whilst I know that there are literally millions of people suffering throughout, not all can take advantage of who they are and what they do to inspire so many others. Cancer is a terrible thing BUT, remember who you are, remember what your goals in life were/are and continue to succeed. Live your life a happy one and take each day as a new experience. Your column has truly made its mark - stay safe!
Colin, Brighton, England


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