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Last Updated: Friday, 26 March, 2004, 17:55 GMT
At a glance: Consultants' contract
Consultants backed the deal last year
Consultants across the UK voted in favour of a new contract last year, after initially rejecting a deal.

BBC News Online outlines the main elements of the contract.

  • A new starting salary of 63,000 up from 52,640 at present

  • At the top end of the scale, salaries will rise from 68,505 to 85,000

  • Pay rises range from 9% for some consultants to as much as 24% for others depending on age and experience

  • Working week will be 40 hours per week made up of 10 four hour sessions

  • Extra money for working evenings and weekends

  • Protected time for non-clinical work such as paperwork and other activities.

  • No ban on private practice as originally proposed, but there will be some restrictions

  • Consultants must offer to work an extra four hours a week for the NHS before they can treat patients privately

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