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Wednesday, 29 August, 2001, 00:01 GMT 01:01 UK
Women admit to regular lies
Pregnant woman
"I'm on the pill, honest"
Nearly one in four British women would try to conceive without their partner's consent if they wanted a baby, research suggests.

A survey by women's magazine That's Life!, found that many women are prepared to lie about almost any aspect of their life.

The fact they lie is an indication they're under pressure

Susan Quilliam
The Scruples and Lies survey was based on interviews with 5,000 women. It found that 94% confessed to telling fibs, with 48% lying on a daily basis.

The vast majority (84%) said they could lie with a clear conscience - many said deceit was justified as a way of sparing other people's feelings.

Susan Quilliam, psychologist and That's Life! agony aunt, said: "Women's lives are changing very fast and the fact they lie is an indication they're under pressure at work, at home and in their relationships, so sometimes they feel they have to bend the truth just in order to survive.

"However, it greatly saddens me that 24% of women would have a baby without their partner's consent. The decision to have a baby is a very serious one and it's just not on to play Russian roulette with a baby's life."

Less forgiving

The survey also found that many women would be prepared to put up with wayward behaviour from their partner.

Eight out 10 would be prepared to stay with a man who lost interest in sex completely, while 59% would not leave a man even if he robbed a bank.

More than half (52%) could excuse a man whispering the name of a former girlfriend during sex.

Women's top 10 lies
These shoes were a real bargain
No, your bum doesn't look big in those trousers.
I'm broke.
You're fantastic in bed
The cheque is in the post
I've only had a couple of drinks
I've got a headache
I love you
I could never have a one-night stand
I don't smoke
However, 51% of women would not tolerate bad personal hygiene.

British women also expect fidelity from their men. Six out of 10 would dump their partner if he had a one-night stand, and 82% would not tolerate their partner having a homosexual relationship.

A threesome with their husband and another woman was a no-no for 80% of women.

A threesome with another man would be refused by 75%.

However, 31% of women said they would be prepared to have sex on a plane with a sexy stranger, and a similar number said they could be tempted by a handsome neighbour.

One in three women said they would have no problems with going to bed with a close male friend while they were between relationships.


The survey also showed money was an area about which British women were not inclined to have scruples.

Seven out of 10 women would instantly change their minds about leaving a boring man if he hit the lottery jackpot.

More than half (51%) would take the money if offered 10,000 to share their secrets with the world after bedding a famous footballer.

And 40% would accept 50,000 for their partner to sleep with another woman.

But 71% would draw the line at ripping off a pensioner.

However, while British women are prepared to kiss and tell, work as escorts and make love with a complete stranger, 83% deride glamour model Jordan as a "sad victim of male fantasies".

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